April 19, 2022

Advantages and disadvantages of tank truck cleaning methods

tank truck cleaning

Steam fumigation cleaning tank trucks is the most common tank truck cleaning method:
1. Remove the residues in the tank and rinse with water;
2. Pour steam into the tank car to be cleaned for high temperature cooking;
3. Replacement, cleaning personnel enter the tanker to brush the inner wall of the tank;
4. Rinse with water to clean the residue in the tank;
5. Dry with hot air.

Cleaning Features:
1. Large steam consumption and long heating time;
2. When using steam to cook the pot, harmful materials will be volatilized and discharged into the atmosphere, which is easy to cause environmental pollution;
3. It is difficult to operate, labor-intensive and time-consuming;
4. During manual cleaning, the toxic medium in the tank will bring harm;
5. Heavy oil pollution is not easy to clean, and the cleaning efficiency is not high.

High pressure water cleaning tank truck method:
1. Wash the inner wall of the tanker with a high-pressure tank cleaning nozzle after pressurization;
2. After rinsing, manually wash the tank to remove the residue in the tank;
3. Dry with hot air.

Cleaning Features:
1. High cleaning efficiency and short time;
2. Safer cleaning and low labor intensity;
3. Power consumption and water consumption;
4. When the high-pressure water jet flushes the tank, the excessive cleaning pressure will damage the tank.

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