February 15, 2022

Advantages of CYCO Marine Desulfurization Washing Nozzles

With the vigorous development of international trade, sea shipping, as the most important mode of transportation in today’s international trade, has the characteristics of large volume, low freight, and well-connected waterways. At the same time, ships in the ocean also cause a certain amount of pollution. With the announcement and implementation of the IMO2020 current restriction order of the International Maritime Organization, CYCO has joined the clean and Environmental protection battle.

In terms of nozzles for desulfurization and washing of ships, CYCO has used the technology of 20 years of nozzle production and research and development to accumulate and accumulate. Since 2014, CYCO has entered the research and development of desulfurization and washing nozzles for ships. With the cooperation and joint efforts of internationally renowned main engine manufacturers, CYCO has actively docked. Experts and professors in materials research at Maritime University conduct research on the corrosion resistance of materials. While constantly improving product performance, we cooperate with customers to solve related problems encountered in the actual use of nozzles. It has continuously improved its technical strength and quality control ability, won the trust of customers, and helped customers to gradually get rid of their dependence on foreign brand nozzles. At present, nearly 20 scrubber manufacturers have come to CYCO for inspection and audit, and have given high recognition. Through the customer’s on-site inspection, domestic and foreign customers and shipowners have recognized CYCO and seen the advantages of China’s intelligent manufacturing.

Close to the support of domestic and major scrubber manufacturers in Norway, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea, etc., while inviting customers in, CYCO also continues to go out through participating in exhibitions, forums and other activities with major host manufacturers, scrubber manufacturers. Exchange and learn to improve product series and improve product quality. In recent years, he has participated in a series of activities such as the Hamburg Maritime Exhibition in Germany; the Singapore Maritime Exhibition; the International Ship and Offshore Network Forum; the Green Ship Technology China Summit; the Shanghai International Maritime Exhibition; The 21st China International Maritime Exhibition CYCO, which will be held in Shanghai from June 28th to July 1st, 2022, will also continue to participate with related products, communicate with customers and friends, share friendship and seek development.

Through years of hard work and the cooperation of dozens of scrubber manufacturers at home and abroad, CYCO now has a full range of nozzle production capacity and product lines suitable for various types of scrubbers, and can provide nozzles of all materials required by the marine desulfurization industry. At present, there are nearly 1,500 sets of scrubbers equipped with CYCO nozzles, and they are gradually developing to other marine nozzles. Strive to make shipping more energy-efficient and make the ocean cleaner!

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