February 21, 2022

Advantages of fire water mist nozzles

In the fire protection system, the water mist nozzle uses high pressure to make nitrogen and water rotate at high speed in the nozzle to form water particles or water mist.

Water mist is easy to gasify after encountering fire. Everyone knows that nitrogen does not support combustion, so the water mist containing nitrogen can not only reduce the temperature, but also separate combustibles from oxygen, which greatly increases the Fire extinguishing efficiency.

Moreover, the fine water mist is generated in a high-pressure environment, so the spraying speed of the fine water mist nozzle is very fast, which can not only achieve the purpose of fast fire extinguishing, but also clean the smoke and dust in the air.

Also because of this feature, the water mist nozzle exists exclusively for the fire protection industry and is suitable for various fire extinguishing places, so the water mist sprinkler head is sometimes called the fire water mist sprinkler head.

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