March 3, 2022

Advantages of Multi-Channel Blowing Nozzles

Generally, any fan-shaped or cylindrical nozzle that sprays liquid can be used as a blowing nozzle. But better results are obtained with nozzles specially designed for compressed air or saturated steam. In addition to using compressed air, many blowing nozzles can also use saturated steam. For example, air nozzles are commonly used for purging, cooling, drying or cleaning.

With compressed air, there is often an annoying high-frequency “hissing” sound that can seriously damage hearing. This noise is due to air vortices at the air outlet, the intensity of which is determined by the shape of the mouthpiece of the mouthpiece and the air pressure. This means: if better and stronger airflow is required, the more harmful noise will be, and the higher the gas consumption and cost will be.

Multi-channel blowing nozzles greatly reduce noise, high blowing force and low air consumption. The low noise and high purging power of the multi-channel gas nozzle is due to the fact that the airflow is divided into 16 channels, so that the airflow is controlled in the best condition. A particularly uniform, straight and powerful airflow is formed.

Compared with the single-hole blowing nozzle, its advantages are: the noise range is reduced by 12dB, and the air pressure used under the same blowing force is lower. Lower air consumption, better purging effect over long distances, and low operating costs.

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