March 21, 2022

Advantages of spray dust suppression

The spray system can be used not only for humidification, cooling, but also for dust removal. Thermal power plants, cement plants, refractory materials processing plants and coal-fired boilers will generate a large amount of soot and waste gas during production and operation. In view of their environmental pollution, various dust removal technologies have appeared at home and abroad, such as bag Dust removal, electrostatic dust removal, mechanical dust removal, air filter dust removal, etc. These dust removal technologies are based on the theory of force, but due to their respective defects, their popularization and application are limited.

dust control nozzle

Among various dust removal technologies, the spray dust removal system has the characteristics of better dust removal effect, less investment and simple maintenance, and has received extensive attention. The spray dust removal system requires the nozzles to cooperate with each other, so that the spray dust removal can play the biggest role.

With the development of the spray dust removal system, it has gradually evolved into two ways: one is the traditional high-speed atomization jet dust removal. High-speed atomizing jet dust removal is to spray high-pressure water through the nozzle at high speed, and generate negative pressure when passing through the air duct, so as to inhale the flue gas and soot, and mix with the water mist. Condensation and sedimentation, and can support combustion and remove harmful gases. This kind of spray dust removal system has large water mist particles, so it will cause water stains to remain at the same time as dust removal. The other is a high-tech dry fog dust suppression system composed of ultrasonic air atomizing nozzles. The principle is that in the air flow connection part, the speed of the air that hits the past is accelerated. In order to further improve the atomization ability, the airflow path of the resonance chamber is reflected in the airflow amplification function of the nozzle itself, which has a strong impact force. Once this powerful shock wave is generated, the water is sheared into relatively small droplets. These small water droplets are then carried away by the high-speed air in the explosion of droplets of thousands of microns in size, which then undergo intense acoustic energy conversion. The characteristics of this spray system are that it does not require the operation of a high-pressure pump to provide pressure, and the atomized particles are as fine as 1-10 microns.

Two different dust removal spray systems can be selected according to the conditions and environment of use. Choose the most suitable and convenient spray system to achieve dust removal in the industry.

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