January 4, 2022

Application Of Atomizing Nozzle In Landscape Fog Making Industry

The landscape atomization is not only beautiful, but also absorbs a lot of heat in the air. The artificial fog sprayed with one kilogram of water is equivalent to the effect of seven kilograms of ice. Water vapor cooling, low cost, good atomization effect, deeply loved by people. It is widely used in industries such as eco-landscape atomization, environmental protection, and garden cultivation. The mist sprayed by the landscape atomization nozzle for landscape atomization is not much different from the natural mist, and it can increase the negative oxygen ions in the air even in the deep mountains without being bitten by mosquitoes, effectively improving people’s living environment.

When the landscape atomization nozzle is used for atomization, most of them are made of stainless steel, which is durable and has small spray particles. It is suitable for landscape atomization, such as ocean parks and rockery landscapes. It simulates the natural fog in the valley by spraying tiny droplets. As a landscape, it can also freshen the air, humidify, cool and remove dust.

The diameter of the water droplets sprayed by the landscape fog nozzle is only 10 microns, which can quickly evaporate and cool down. At the same time, a layer of gauze cloud is formed, which condenses with the dust in the air, and then lands to achieve the effect of dust removal. Landscape fog nozzles can also add cloud effects to buildings and scenic spots, making people feel that returning to nature is like entering a fairyland, playing an important role in modern life.

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