February 28, 2022

Application of CYCO Nozzle in Bottle and Tank Industry

Nozzles play a vital role in tank spraying and cleaning. Due to the high speed of the line, uneven application and incomplete cleaning can quickly cause costly problems. Not only are CYCO nozzles designed to ensure quality, they also help reduce spray material costs, reduce maintenance time and extend the interval between nozzle changes.

Tank cleaning nozzle

Tank spraying

Spray materials are expensive, using the correct spray nozzles to get the paint exactly where it needs to be sprayed eliminates overspray and reduces both the amount of spray material used and the weight of the tank.

Tank cleaning

CYCO’s tank cleaning nozzles ensure that every area of every tank, even those hard-to-reach areas in the washer, can be effectively cleaned and rinsed. Our bottle and tank cleaning nozzles are designed to specific tank sizes, ensuring correct nozzle spacing and good spray coverage. With narrow-angle nozzles and precise nozzle spacing, the spray effectively penetrates the belt pads without tipping over the tanks.

Tank cleaning and drying

The Blow Series nozzles can provide a unique solution for tank purging and drying. For example, water can be removed from the domes of empty tanks between washer stages without getting in the way of the tanks. Tanks can also be dried and even small droplets can be removed without interruption.
The unique design of the Blow Series nozzles ejects large volumes of air in a uniform, straight stream, with controlled airflow at all times along the length of the nozzle, effectively blowing and drying any tank design. In addition, the blower series nozzles are lightweight, easy to operate and low cost, and are an alternative to drying systems that use compressed air.

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