March 15, 2022

Application of Industrial Cooling Atomizing Air Nozzle

The main cleaning fields of industrial cooling air nozzle classification include: cleaning and external cleaning of metal tanks and container walls; fan-shaped nozzles are generally used for cleaning items on metal suspension chains, and can also be used in filters and filters, metal surfaces. Pretreatment, cleaning of paper mill felt, mesh cloth, sand on metal screen, iron sand on conveyor belt; the effect of cooling and cooling depends on the atomization effect of the nozzle, and the type of nozzle is a discretionary selection condition; When purchasing industrial atomizing nozzles, the selection cannot be ignored.

air atomizing nozzle

A. Nozzle atomization cooling/cooling effect

The spray equipment uses water as the medium through the high-pressure pump, through the pipeline, and then through the high-pressure atomizing nozzle to atomize the water. The sprayed mist particles are very small, float in the air, and then evaporate quickly, absorb a lot of heat, and change from liquid to liquid. Gaseous state, so as to achieve the effect of cooling and cooling.

The effect of cooling and cooling depends on the atomization effect of the nozzle, and the type of nozzle is the dominant selected condition; the pressure value, medium, material, caliber size, and other conditions are often affected by local conditions and are unchangeable factors Therefore, different types of nozzles should be selected for different pressure and medium values. Nozzle selection is the most important part. Although the quality of the nozzle directly affects the effect and quality of the spray, it does not match the industrial effect. No matter how good the atomization effect is, it cannot achieve the expected industrial effect. Therefore, when purchasing industrial atomizing nozzles, the selection cannot be ignored.

B. The application of industrial atomizing nozzles in industrial cooling

High-flow metal product production line cooling (turntable produced by copper wire, assembly line produced by aluminum products, extremely cold high-temperature processed products, etc.) These do not require high pressure value and water quality, and a high-flow nozzle with a certain impact force can be used; If you need a fast flow rate and a large water flow (flow), you can use a fan-shaped nozzle.

The high temperature cooling of boilers or small spaces pays attention to the size of the water mist particles after atomization, that is, the thickness of the water mist after atomization. For this type of cooling, it is recommended to increase compressed air, and the intervention of compressed air can make the medium reach a better In the refined state, the minimum test can reach 10 microns, and it is uniformly atomized. Only the uniform and ultra-fine atomized water mist can be better integrated with the high-temperature gas, so as to achieve a better cooling effect. It is recommended to use two fluids for this type of cooling. Atomizing nozzle or atomizing spray gun; if there are many pipeline cooling and equipment cooling, in addition to cooling, it should also achieve the effect of cleaning. It is recommended to use a wide-angle solid atomizing nozzle for this type of nozzle, which has a large spray angle, wide coverage and uniform atomization. , the water mist particles can be customized according to the actual control flow requirements.

C. Precautions for the use of industrial cooling air atomizing nozzles

With the increasing temperature in summer, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the production environment and prevent high temperature, the frequency of use of air atomizing nozzles with cooling effect is increasing. Precautions during use.

1. If the fuel oil or lubricating oil of the atomizing nozzle is not pure, it will accelerate the wear of parts and increase the cooperation gap, resulting in oil leakage, oil dripping, oil supply pressure reduction, oil circuit blockage and other problems;
2. If the air contains a lot of dust, it will accelerate the wear of the atomizing nozzle cylinder liner, piston and piston ring;
3. If the cooling water is not pure, it will increase the scale of the cooling system, hinder the heat dissipation of the engine, and accelerate the wear and tear;
4. If the surface of the body is not clean, the body will be corroded;
5. If the gasoline and air supply is not smooth, it will appear difficult to start, poor combustion, and power reduction;
6. If the oil supply is insufficient or stopped, the atomizing nozzle engine will be poorly smooth and the wear of the parts will be accelerated;
7. If the cooling water is insufficient, the temperature of the machine will be too high, the power will be reduced, and the wear and tear will increase.

It is also very important to choose a suitable nozzle and use the correct operation method. First, the blocked nozzles should be cleaned regularly and carefully, which can prolong the service life of the nozzle and enhance the use effect of the nozzle. In order to ensure the spray effect of the nozzle, the nozzle of each nozzle should be They are all carefully crafted, even if the damage is caused by improper circumstances, it will affect the flow and spray distribution, resulting in irreparable damage. In the process of use, be sure to use the corresponding filter (filter net) spray system to reduce clogging.

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