March 16, 2022

Application of Nozzle in Environmental Protection Industry

The variety and amount of energy used in industrial production are growing rapidly, and most important industrial energy sources, such as gas oil, generate a large amount of smoke, dust and waste gas after combustion. Environmental protection and energy conservation have become more and more important in industrial production. In the context of manufacturing upgrades, the improvement of production processes and the provision of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment have become an important way for enterprises to produce environmentally friendly products. Therefore, nozzles have become a must-have for environmental protection processes widely used in various industries.

Main applications of nozzles in the environmental protection industry

(1) Nozzle can be used for desulfurization

In the limestone gypsum desulfurization method, the nozzle is mainly used for spraying slurry, which is generally carried out with a tangential hollow cone, a spiral nozzle, a silicon carbide nozzle or a cobalt 6 nozzle. Ammonia method, magnesium method and water spray desulfurization method generally use spiral nozzle and full cone nozzle. The circulating fluidized bed water spray desulfurization method generally uses a two-fluid nozzle. The dry water spray desulfurization method generally uses a two-fluid spray gun. The zinc oxide desulfurization method generally uses hollow cone nozzles and silicon carbide nozzles.

(2) Nozzles can be used for dust removal

Blast furnace gas dust removal generally uses spiral nozzles and bowl nozzles. Spiral nozzles are generally used for dust removal of electric furnace and converter gas. Coal stacking plants and belt conveyors generally use solid cone nozzles and hollow cone nozzles. Spiral nozzles and solid cone nozzles are generally used in unloading plants and mines.

(3) Nozzles can be used for flue gas cooling

Steel plants (blast furnaces, electric furnaces, converters) generally use spiral nozzles and two-fluid spray guns. Power plant (desulfurization) cooling, quench tower, desulfurization tower – two-fluid spray gun. The kiln head grate cooler (cooling cement clinker) in the cement plant and the kiln tail humidification tower generally use a two-fluid spray gun. Quench towers, desulfurization towers, and bag dedusting of non-ferrous smelting generally use two-fluid spray guns. Two-fluid spray guns are generally used in quench towers for medical waste incineration and hazardous solid waste incineration.

(4) Nozzle can be used for defoaming

For defoaming in papermaking, chemical, iron and steel plants (circulating water) and other industries, hollow cone and spiral hollow cone nozzles are generally used.

(5) Nozzles can be used for gas scrubbing

In chemical, leather and other industries, nozzles such as spiral nozzles (large-flow anti-blocking nozzles) are generally used for gas scrubbing.

(6) Spiral nozzles are generally used for deodorization.

(7) Nozzle can be used for humidification

In front of the electrostatic precipitator, to increase the specific resistance, a two-fluid spray gun is generally used. Humidification of the workshop (no dripping, elimination of static electricity). Textile factories, printing factories, electronics factories, automobile factories, etc., generally use special humidification nozzles. Paper mills (cardboard humidification) generally use small flow air atomizing nozzles.

(8) For de-mist cleaning, solid cone or hollow cone nozzles are generally used.

(9) Belt dehydrators generally use standard fan-shaped or combined fan-shaped nozzles.

(10) For the high temperature cooling of the cooling tower spray, MP or spiral solid cone nozzles, large diameter solid cone nozzles, etc. are generally used.

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