March 17, 2022

Application of Nozzle in Food Industry

With its wear resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and accuracy of spray flow rate, spray angle and shot angle, the nozzle can meet the production needs of various food sections and realize diversified applications in the food industry. In the food industry, nozzles are used in a wide range of applications. Whether it is the factory environment, raw material pretreatment, or production process and finished product packaging, small nozzles always play an important role.

Washing Cleaning Nozzle

Specific applications of nozzles in the food industry

(1) The nozzle can be used for cleaning in the food industry
Various utensils such as conveyor belts, bottles and cans, barrels, turnover boxes, mesh cloths, etc. used in food processing can be cleaned with nozzles, which not only saves labor costs, but also has a significant cleaning effect. The tank cleaning nozzle can also be used for cleaning and disinfection of various containers and large and small tanks, for the cleaning of production lines, cooling tables, pipelines, odor control, plant humidification, etc.

(2) Nozzles can be used for sterilization in the food industry
Sterilization and disinfection are an indispensable part of food processing. Whether it is factories, production equipment or operators, sterilization and disinfection are required to ensure the safety of food. Using nozzles for spraying or spraying disinfection can easily make the disinfectant or medicine reach the area to be disinfected, which is simple and convenient.

(3) Nozzles can be used for humidification in the food industry
In the bakery process, the flour is generally placed in a room with constant temperature and humidity, and is fermented for a period of time before entering the next process. The fermentation room has relatively high requirements on humidity, generally RH75%-80% humidity. At this time, the nozzle can quickly help spray water vapor to enhance the humidity, so that the production environment can reach the required condition.

(4) The nozzle can be used for coating in the food industry
Whether the distribution of flavoring agent is appropriate and uniform is the key to affecting the deliciousness of food. The nozzle can spray accurately at the angle and evenly spray, so that the food flavoring agent can be sprayed evenly in the right amount.

(5) The nozzle can be used for blowing in the food industry
In the process of food packaging waiting for delivery, it is necessary to remove water droplets on the food surface and screen out defective products. At this time, the nozzle can spray accurately and quickly, which increases the screening efficiency.

(6) The nozzle can be used to cut dough in the food industry
Use the automatic spray gun to draw a dividing line on the dough, and directly shoot the non-water cream from the creative nozzle, which can be automatically cut. The depth of the cutting line can be controlled by adjusting the pressure. This kind of cutting does not touch the dough like a cutting knife, and is more hygienic and reliable.

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