March 17, 2022

Application of Nozzle in Power Industry

Nozzles are mainly used for wet dust removal and desulfurization in power plants. The wet electrostatic precipitator project is the main dust removal technology currently used in China. The demand for nozzles is huge, and the nozzles for wet electrostatic precipitators are full cone nozzle series. Choose different materials in different working conditions, there are PP/Teflon material nozzles and stainless steel nozzles, plastic materials are more resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and stainless steel materials have better hardness. There are differences in the flow rate of nozzles, and the model of nozzles to be selected is calculated according to the electrostatic precipitator project.

denitration and desulfurization spray lance

There are only two commonly used working conditions for the use of nozzles in thermal power plants, one is to use nozzles for dust removal, and the other is to use nozzles for desulfurization and denitrification. Dust removal nozzles generally use spiral nozzles with large diameter and good patency, and SH large flow full nozzle series. The dust removal conditions of thermal power plants are generally poor, so atomizing nozzles with very fine atomization cannot be selected, but large flow full cones must be selected. The shaped nozzle is used to spray dust to achieve better dust reduction effect.

Thermal power plants consume most of the denitration system every year. Because the demand for electricity in industrial development continues to increase, it requires output to meet the demand. For this reason, hundreds of millions of coal are consumed every year. Behind this huge number is greater environmental pollution. Hidden danger, once it is not properly managed, it will cause devastating harm to the earth and human beings. Therefore, the denitration boiler of thermal power plants must denitrify the gas before the polluted gas is discharged, which requires the denitration spray lance to spray ammonia water or urea stock solution and harmful gases The key factor here is that the spray effect of the denitration spray lance will directly affect the adequacy of the reaction between ammonia or urea and harmful gases, and the efficiency of removing harmful gases. Now the process of denitration spray lance is improved, the principle of secondary atomization is adopted, and the unique design of lance body and lance head makes the atomization effect of denitration spray lance better. In addition, the choice of denitration spray lance material also directly affects the service life of the denitration spray lance and the operation time of the assembly line, so please choose a denitration spray lance with good quality, good quality and good atomization effect.

Practical application of nozzles in the power industry

(1) Desulfurization, desulfurization after combustion
(2) Denitrification, denitrification after combustion
(3) Dust removal, coal storage pile, material transfer and belt transfer dust removal
(4) Cooling, flue gas cooling, steam recovery
(5) Fire protection, important facilities and equipment
(6) High pressure cleaning
(7) Deaerator

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