January 6, 2022

Application Of Nozzles In Various Industries

1. Vehicles, container companies: clip nozzles, etc.

(1) In the pretreatment of the spraying line, dephosphorization, degreasing and rust removal;
(2) The rain line is mainly to detect whether the product is well sealed.

tank cleaning nozzles

2. Paper mill

(1) Defoaming nozzles, to remove foam in the pulp, hollow cone nozzles and spiral nozzles are used;
(2) Coating nozzle, which is the surface coating of paper, is used on the coating machine to atomize the nozzle;
(3) The water needle nozzle used for cutting paper, that is, the needle nozzle, requires high pressure to work, and must be inlaid with ceramics or high alloys;
(4) The nozzles for cleaning the net cage cloth generally use needle nozzles and fan nozzles, self-cleaning nozzles;
(5) Slurry drawing nozzle, using a narrow-angle nozzle.

3. Textile industry: more atomizing nozzles

(1) Humidification of workshops, especially under the conditions of high dust in textile mills, cotton spinning, weaving, wool tops, towels;
(2) Add a kind of pine flower oil to the wool yarn to prevent the wool yarn from drying and breaking。

4. Electronics

(1) The large space of the large electronic factory is humidified and cooled, using atomized nozzles;
(2) Cleaning nozzles for electronic boards, fan-shaped, wide-angle, and quick-release nozzles;
(3) The application of the rosin nozzle after the circuit board is formed, spraying the rosin to protect the circuit board;
(4) The circuit board is useful for the nozzle of Saigang.

5. Pharmaceutical factory: more atomizing nozzles

(1) Granulation nozzle,
(2) Coating nozzle, that is, the sugar coating on the surface of the medicine.

6. Food industry:

(1) Cleaning of mustard tuber;
(2) Washing of fruits, vegetables, etc., such as washing and hair removal of strawberries;
(3) The purification workshop has an air shower room and air shower nozzles are used.

7. Thermal power plant

(1) Large-flow nozzles, such as silicon carbide nozzles and spiral nozzles, are used for desulfurization and dust removal;
(2) Used in the cooling system before the boiler.

8. Garbage disposal

(1) Use an atomizing nozzle to spray a spice on the garbage to get rid of the peculiar smell;
(2) Use nozzles such as solid cones to reduce dust.

9. Radiator: because of the spraying treatment, it is useful for clip nozzles;

10. Steel pipe factory: wide-angle and multi-component paint nozzles made of titanium;

(1) High-pressure derusting nozzles used in steel pipe plants;
(2) Coated nozzles inside and outside the steel pipe;

11. For pressure vessel factories, solid cone nozzles are used.

12. Winery

(1) Beauty nozzles and mist nozzles on beauty machines such as beer and wine
(2) Multi-nozzle or rotating nozzle for cleaning bottles;

13. Petroleum and chemical industry

(1) Cleaning nozzles for bottles and cans, multi-head or rotating nozzles;
(2) Cooling nozzles for bottles and cans;
(3) In order to fully reflect the chemical substances, a nozzle composed of a shell and an inner core is used

14. Cooling tower: use large flow nozzles, such as clip nozzles, spiral nozzles, etc.

15. Drying equipment: spray or atomization drying equipment uses air atomizing nozzles or metal fine atomizing nozzles.

16. Wood drying: nozzles are used to prevent the wood from cracking

17. Dust removal, smoke removal, waste gas treatment

(1) Used in wet hair dust collector or equipment;
(2) For the purification of waste smoke and waste gas of some enterprises, large flow nozzles are generally used;

18. Lubrication:

(1) Gear lubrication;
(2) The spraying of the release agent on the spraying equipment;
(3) Steel cable lubrication;
(4) Lubrication of the die on the large forging press;

19. Glass factory

(1) Wash formed glass or FRP;
(2) Cooling

20. Sterilization boiler: use fan-shaped nozzles for sterilization and disinfection;

21. Cigarette factory:

(1) Humidification and dust reduction in the large space of the tobacco factory;
(2) Air atomizing nozzle is used to spray fragrance;
(3) A large number of filters are used in the tobacco factory;

22. Coal and cement industries:

(1) Dust removal, dust removal in cement plants, dust removal in coal mines
(2) Narrow-angle nozzles are used for coal washing and coal preparation;

23. Car washing equipment: small-angle, high-pressure fan nozzles should be used on automatic car washing equipment;

24. Feed machinery: use metal solid cone nozzles or hollow cone nozzles, as well as atomizing nozzles for cleaning and granulation;

25. Ultrasonic cleaning machine: use fan-shaped stainless steel nozzle;

26. Outdoor leisure industry, the product is outdoor leisure shed, using atomizing nozzle to humidify outdoor air and flowers, model: plastic fine atomizing nozzle;

27. Chemical industry: chemical powder drying equipment, as well as cold feet for cold feet belts;

28. Miniature bearing industry: used for automatic spraying of anti-rust oil on the bearing surface;

29. Specific introduction of nozzle application in steel industry:

(1) Rolling mill: all the finishing units of the hot rolling mill, the inlet and outlet of the rolls need to be adequately cooled. Generally, there are two groups of fan nozzles at the entrance and three groups of fan nozzles at the exit.
(2) Continuous casting machine: the general nozzle material is stainless steel or copper, and the shape is fan-shaped or solid cone
(3) The flue gas flue of steelmaking furnace generally chooses 2 inches to 3 inches spiral nozzles, which can not only remove dust but also have the effect of desulfurization.

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