February 8, 2022

Application of spray dust removal in paper industry

With the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, in addition to the need to strictly control the discharge of harmful chemicals, there are also extremely high requirements for the concentration and diffusion of dust. Therefore, for some places that are very likely to generate a large amount of dust, we recommend adding a nozzle or spray gun for spray dust removal.

For the paper industry, there are generally two places where dust is easily generated. One is the tissue rewinding area, and the other is the waste paper yard. As shown below:

Generally speaking, there are two ways to remove dust in the paper industry. One is to limit the diffusion area of ​​dust by installing a sealing cover. This method is not suitable for large areas because of the large hardware investment, so this method is widely used in the tissue rewinding area. However, the disadvantage of the second method is also very obvious. Although the diffusion area of ​​dust is limited to a certain range, it will cause a large amount of dust to accumulate in this area, and the cleaning will remain unchanged, and it will have a great impact on the production quality.

The second is to use spray dust removal. This method has the advantages of flexible location, high dust removal efficiency, and less impact on production. It is the best dust removal method so far.

The choice of nozzles used for spray dust removal is very flexible and depends on the specific environment. For the paper industry, hydraulic atomizing nozzles or two-fluid nozzles are generally used. As shown below:

The hydraulic atomizing nozzle is a single-fluid nozzle, and the single-fluid dust removal system is generally equipped with a pump with the corresponding water volume. The two-fluid nozzle can generally be connected to tap water, but it must be equipped with an air compressor.

For the entire dust removal system, the selection of nozzles is very important. Due to the different particle sizes of dust, it is necessary to select a nozzle suitable for the spray volume to achieve satisfactory results.

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