January 24, 2022

Application Principle Of Dust Removal Nozzle In Dust Control

Nozzle spray can not only be used for cooling, but also can be used for dust removal under certain circumstances, that is, dust removal nozzles. For some industries such as thermal power plants, cement plants, refractory materials processing plants and coal-fired boilers, which pollute the environment a lot, such industries will generate a lot of soot and waste gas during the production and operation process. Bag dust removal, electrostatic dust removal, mechanical dust removal, air filtration and wet spray dust removal technologies. These dust removal technologies are based on the theoretical basis of force, and because they have their own defects, their promotion and application are limited in different aspects.

dust control nozzle

Exhaust noise will appear when the diesel engine and gas turbine exhaust. The stainless steel spiral nozzle sprays the diesel engine and gas turbine exhaust to change the exhaust acoustic impedance and reflect the sound wave to reduce the noise. At the same time, friction occurs when the two-phase medium is mixed. Losing energy can also remove part of the noise. Large rocket engine noise and vapor exhaust noise control have begun to use spray muffling systems, and have achieved good results in this regard. Chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other departments must use drying equipment when using powder materials such as pharmaceutical fertilizers, pesticides and production.

One of the most common dryers is spray drying equipment. Nozzle spray drying is to use the spray method to make the material become droplets dispersed in the hot air flow, increase the contact area between the gas and the solid, when the material is in contact with the hot air flow, the water can be quickly evaporated, so as to achieve drying purpose.

Among all kinds of dust removal technologies, dust removal nozzles have the characteristics of good dust removal effect, low investment and simple maintenance, which have attracted great attention from various industries. Dust removal nozzles require that the spray parameters match each other to maximize the effect of spray dust removal. With the development of spray dust removal technology, high-speed atomization jet dust removal has been further studied. High-speed atomizing jet dust removal is to spray high-pressure water through the nozzle at high speed, and generate negative pressure when passing through the air duct, so as to inhale the flue gas and soot, and mix with the water mist. Condensation and sedimentation, and can support combustion and remove harmful gases.

In the application of these dust removal nozzles described above, the liquid is sprayed into the transverse flow through the nozzle, so that the liquid is atomized and the transverse flow is effected, so as to play the functions of dust removal, drying, combustion, cooling and noise reduction. Therefore, the design of dust removal nozzles and the study of atomization characteristics in the transverse flow field can promote the application of spray nozzles in various fields. In spray cooling applications, the effect of atomization on the temperature distribution of the transverse flow is also investigated.

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