What industries need spray humidification?

First, understand the working principle of spray humidification: after the water is purified, it is sent to the atomizing nozzle through high pressure for atomization treatment. The space humidity is increased, and the purpose of dust reduction and air purification is achieved. The water mist atomized by the high-pressure micro-mist spray will not fall to…

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How to clean industrial nozzles?

Industrial nozzles are often referred to as nozzles. Most of them are installed in various spraying, oil spraying, sandblasting and other equipment and play different roles. They are widely used in environmental protection, pre-coating treatment, circuit boards, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, electronics. , cement, food, paper, printing, agriculture and animal husbandry and other industries…

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Introduction to Metal Nozzles

Metal Nozzle CategoryIndustrial metal nozzles are divided into various types, which are used in industrial steel metallurgy manufacturing, paper industry, electric power, waste incineration, desulfurization and denitrification process treatment, automotive coating, biopharmaceuticals, food machinery and processing, industrial cleaning, etc.Metal nozzles can be divided into: metal fan nozzles, metal solid cone nozzles, metal denitration nozzles, metal…

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Ultrasonic Atomizing Nozzle
Design Features of Ultrasonic Air Atomizing Nozzle

Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzles are a type of atomizing nozzles. They are generally made of stainless steel and connected with external threads. They are suitable for cooling, humidifying, and dust removal in various occasions. Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle application:1. Spray dust removal application. Dust control in belt conveying and unloading in thermal power plants, chemical…

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