How to make the nozzle atomized particles finer?

There are many types of nozzles, the core components of the atomization system, and the degree of atomization is different. Generally, the customer requirements are that the smaller the atomized particles, the better, so how to get the desired degree of atomization? Two aspects of the nozzle will talk about how to reduce the particle…

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Water Mist Nozzle
What is high pressure water mist?

High-pressure water mist, also known as micro-water mist, has a pressure greater than 10MPa. It is based on a positive displacement pump, usually a plunger pump, and the system pressure can reach up to 100-200MPa. The high-pressure water mist system and device are generally safe, economical and efficient, and the pressure is usually 10-20MPa. High-pressure…

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Design of Nozzle in Wet Spray Desulfurization Tower

The performance of the nozzle has an important influence on the desulfurization rate. At present, 5 kinds of nozzles are usually used in the wet spray layer desulfurization tower: hollow cone tangent nozzle, solid cone tangent nozzle, double hollow cone tangent nozzle, solid cone nozzle and spiral nozzle. There are two types of commonly used…

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Fan Spray Nozzle
Fields of application of fan nozzles for cleaning

There are various types of nozzles. The fan nozzle for cleaning is one of the most used nozzles. For this reason, it has developed from a single standard fan nozzle to the dovetail groove combined fan nozzle FSUN, unit combined fan nozzle TP, Deflection fan-shaped nozzle K, narrow-angle high-impact tongue-type P series nozzles, these nozzles…

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Introduction and Use of Clip Nozzle

1. Introduction of clip nozzleThe clip nozzle actually refers to a connection method of the nozzle. The nozzle is tightly fastened to the water pipe through its own stainless steel clip, and is tightly connected to the nozzle at the opening of the water pipe. This nozzle is widely used and is often used in…

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Advantages of CYCO Marine Desulfurization Washing Nozzles

With the vigorous development of international trade, sea shipping, as the most important mode of transportation in today’s international trade, has the characteristics of large volume, low freight, and well-connected waterways. At the same time, ships in the ocean also cause a certain amount of pollution. With the announcement and implementation of the IMO2020 current…

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What industries need spray humidification?

First, understand the working principle of spray humidification: after the water is purified, it is sent to the atomizing nozzle through high pressure for atomization treatment. The space humidity is increased, and the purpose of dust reduction and air purification is achieved. The water mist atomized by the high-pressure micro-mist spray will not fall to…

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How to clean industrial nozzles?

Industrial nozzles are often referred to as nozzles. Most of them are installed in various spraying, oil spraying, sandblasting and other equipment and play different roles. They are widely used in environmental protection, pre-coating treatment, circuit boards, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, electronics. , cement, food, paper, printing, agriculture and animal husbandry and other industries…

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