Application of Nozzle in Zero Discharge Technology of Desulfurization Wastewater

With the increasingly severe environmental situation, people’s requirements for environmental protection are increasing day by day, and the environmental protection transformation of power plants is imminent. From flue gas discharge to waste water discharge, both the owner and the environmental protection engineering company are thinking about how to meet the requirements of environmental protection. In…

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Application of Nozzle in Pharmaceutical Industry

With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry in recent years, cleaning the traditional fluidized bed has been a great challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. Fluidized beds have been widely used in processes such as granulation, coacervation, suspension coating, pelletizing, powder or solution layer coating.In the pharmaceutical industry, we are constantly developing new spray products,…

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Classification of water mist nozzles

1. Hedging type water mist nozzle: atomization is carried out by two high-speed liquid jets colliding with each other or a high-speed jet colliding with a metal plate.​ 2. Vibrating water mist nozzle: through the action of sound waves and ultrasonic waves, the liquid is vibrated and destabilized, and the nozzle types that are split…

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