Installation structure of nozzle flowmeter

Nozzle flowmeters are widely used in daily life, and nozzle flowmeters are mainly used to measure the flow of liquid, steam and gas, and are mainly used in the measurement of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry and other departments. Then let’s talk about the installation structure of the nozzle flowmeter. The nozzle flowmeter…

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What are the applications of fan nozzles?

The fan nozzle is a member of the large family of “nozzles”, which are called fan nozzles because of the various angles of the spray shape. The following mainly introduces its application scope. 1. Metal processing cleaning, spray coating, spray cooling, oil stain removal, electroplating line washing, agricultural product cleaning;2. Applications such as cleaning, spraying…

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What accessories does the nozzle have?

Nozzles are often widely used in irrigation, transportation, chemical and other industries. They are an important product that can save resources and have high work efficiency. Nozzles can be used in spraying, oil injection and other processing, and play an irreplaceable role. The accessories of nozzles often include solenoid valves, pressure gauge joints, pipe threaded…

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Features Of Ceramic Nozzles

Ceramics are generally used to make some decorations, we can use this material to make many exquisite bottles and so on. With the continuous development of technology, ceramics, as an excellent material, will be naturally used in our industrial production. In this process, it is important to use this material. Ceramics are also common in…

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Precautions For The Use Of Fine Atomizing Nozzles

There are many kinds of fine atomizing nozzles, which are suitable for humidification in textile factories, printing factories, electronics factories, laboratories, painting workshops, tobacco industry, etc. , improve production quality and production efficiency. In the use of fine atomizing nozzles, the following five aspects should be paid attention to during the process 1. If the…

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Features of Air Atomizing Nozzles

The special internal structure design of the air atomizing nozzle can make the liquid and gas evenly mixed to produce a spray of fine droplet size or a spray of coarse droplets. Typically, a finer (under 50 micron) droplet spray is obtained by increasing the gas pressure or decreasing the liquid pressure, resulting in a…

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