Theoretical Analysis of Nozzle Atomization

Studies have shown that the nozzle atomization process is mainly controlled by four forces, namely aerodynamic drag, viscous force, liquid surface tension and inertial force. The interaction between these four forces causes the continuous liquid injection to split and break. Generally, the nozzle atomization process is divided into jet atomization process and liquid film atomization…

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solid cone nozzle
Introduction Of Solid Cone Nozzle

A solid cone nozzle refers to a nozzle that can produce a solid cone spray shape. The spray produced by it is evenly distributed, and the size of the droplets is medium to large, which can play an excellent effect in spray application fields that require coverage of an area. The solid cone nozzle produces…

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How to choose an appropriate nozzle?

Since the nozzle is designed to work under a variety of different spray conditions, the nozzle that suits the needs is selected to achieve the best spray performance in use. The characteristics of the nozzle are mainly reflected in the spray type of the nozzle, that is, the shape of the liquid when it leaves…

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Common Causes That Affect Nozzle Spray

Common causes that affect nozzle sprayThe nozzle needs to be repaired, regularly inspected, cleaned and even replaced in order to ensure the quality of the final product and maintain the economic benefits of the production process. The method and frequency of maintenance procedures depend on the application. The maintenance plan can be arranged according to…

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Nozzle Structure Classification

Different nozzle structures will lead to differences in processing efficiency and nozzle life. A reasonable nozzle structure enables abrasives to achieve high speeds, which is a necessary condition for improving processing efficiency and reducing costs. From the advent of the nozzle to a long period of time afterwards, all are cylindrical. Nozzle structure. Up to…

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tank cleaning nozzles
Application Of Nozzles In Various Industries

1. Vehicles, container companies: clip nozzles, etc. (1) In the pretreatment of the spraying line, dephosphorization, degreasing and rust removal;(2) The rain line is mainly to detect whether the product is well sealed. 2. Paper mill (1) Defoaming nozzles, to remove foam in the pulp, hollow cone nozzles and spiral nozzles are used;(2) Coating nozzle,…

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