dry fog humidifier
Dry mist humidification system, why is it called dry mist?

In the humidification industry, a dry mist humidifier is now widely used. This system is currently widely used in printing, electronics, chemical, automotive, air conditioning box humidification and other industries, and has been well received in various industries. How does this humidification system compare to other humidification solutions? First we need to start with his…

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Tank cleaning nozzle
Benefits of Automated Tank Cleaning Nozzles

In food, chemical, biopharmaceutical and other processing industries, tanks of various shapes and sizes are often used. They run through many links in the storage of raw materials, the transportation of finished products, and the production process. If these tanks are cleaned correctly and efficiently, it will have a direct impact on ensuring safe production,…

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DP Full Cone nozzle
Features of High Flow Air Atomizing Nozzle

The high-flow air atomizing nozzle adopts multi-stage atomization, which has good spray effect and large flow rate. It is suitable for dust control and gas desulfurization in thermal power plants, other chemical plants, and cement plant dust removal and environmental protection projects. The high-flow air atomizing nozzle can adjust the liquid flow, and can still…

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Washing Cleaning Nozzle
How to solve the abnormal rotation of the nozzle?

The abnormal rotation is one of the common faults in the working process of the nozzle. For this fault, we have the following solutions: ① If the gap between the hollow shaft and the sleeve shaft is too small, the gap should be increased; if the two are blocked by the entering sediment, they should…

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ceramic nozzle
What are the characteristics of ceramic nozzles?

Ceramic nozzles are a very common type of printer nozzles in contemporary sprinkler equipment. This type of printer nozzle has good wear resistance and acid resistance, which is very popular with everyone. The advantages of the nozzle, the characteristics of porcelain compared to other common raw materials: Compared with the nozzles of other materials, what…

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Tank cleaning nozzle
Features of bottle cleaning

The tank cleaning nozzle is characterized by a plurality of high-impact cleaning nozzle installation devices. Through the mixed operation of water and air in the cleaning nozzle, the different spray ranges of the distances between different nozzles are involved, so as to achieve automatic rotation and the inner surface of the nozzle can be completely…

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Water Mist Nozzle
Advantages of closed high pressure water mist nozzles

The closed-type high-pressure water mist nozzle structure has the characteristics of efficient fire-extinguishing performance, safe and economical fire-extinguishing method, and open fire-extinguishing environment. 1. The structure of the closed high-pressure water mist nozzle is made of all stainless steel, which is carefully crafted, and at the same time increases the service life and saves costs.…

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Mist Fire Fighting Spray Nozzle
Design parameters of high pressure water mist nozzle

High pressure water mist nozzle is an important part of fire extinguishing system. In order to achieve good fire extinguishing performance, we will make high-pressure water mist nozzles according to specific data. Let us analyze the reference factors for the design of high-pressure water mist nozzles. 1. Design parameters of high pressure water mist nozzle1.…

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disinfection spraying nozzle
Quality requirements for standard nozzles

Inspection items and quality requirements for standard nozzles of standard throttling devices of the Ministry of Electric Power: 1. The end face on the upstream side of the standard nozzle should be smooth, and its surface roughness should not be greater than 0.0003d, which is equivalent to a surface roughness of not less than 3.2.…

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Hollow Cone Full Cone Spiral Nozzle
Precautions for maintenance of desulfurization nozzles

In the desulfurization system, the nozzle is mainly in the spray layer in the desulfurization tower, that is, in the spray system, the nozzle becomes the performer of the spray system, and the working condition of the nozzle determines the consequences of the spray, so in the production process We need to carry out regular…

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How Pressure Fuel Nozzles Work

The fuel nozzle uses the liquid pressure to generate a fine hollow spray to provide the engine with atomized fuel, thereby improving the fuel efficiency. Fuel nozzles can be divided into pressure type and siphon type fuel nozzles due to different fuel supply methods. The pressure fuel nozzle is a single-fluid medium and high pressure…

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