tank cleaning nozzle
What is the tank cleaning machine?

TANK CLEANING MACHINE is an automatic cleaning device for large oil tanks, oil storage tanks, large containers and large tanks. The development history of tank cleaning machine The original prototype tank cleaning method is similar to the flushing of fire hoses, but as the volume of the oil tank becomes larger and larger, this method…

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Micro Atomizing Nozzles
Features of Micro Atomizing Nozzles

The fine atomizing nozzle is named because the atomized particles are very small and uniform. It has the characteristics of large coverage area of ​​atomized water mist, energy saving, and fast evaporation effect of water mist. It is widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture and landscape fogging. Features of Micro Atomizing Nozzle: 1.…

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Two fluid nozzles
Features of Dual Fluid Nozzle

The dual fluid nozzle is an atomizing dust removal tool.The dual-fluid nozzle mainly relies on the air compressor to provide compressed air, and uses the compressed air to atomize the liquid. Generally, there will be three-stage atomization, and there will be corresponding different principles according to different designs of different companies. The flow rate is…

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Venturi nozzle
The working principle and characteristics of Venturi nozzle

Venturi nozzles, also known as critical flow venturi nozzles, are mainly used in the transfer of flow standards, gas flow measurement and the limitation of the maximum flow of flow systems. Originally used by the aerospace industry, critical flow venturi nozzles are widely used in different industries such as automotive, energy and metering. Working principle:…

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Why is the nozzle leaking?

Atomizing nozzles are divided into air atomizing nozzles, siphon atomizing nozzles, fine atomizing nozzles and high-pressure atomizing nozzles. If these nozzles have dripping problems in their non-working state (closed), what is the cause? ? 1. Connection method The first thing we need to check is whether there is a problem with the connection method of…

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spiral nozzle
What are the advantages of spiral atomizing nozzles?

Many industries know very little about spiral atomizing nozzles. In today’s technological era, the atomization pattern of the spiral atomizing nozzle breaks the traditional conical spray pattern in which the fluid enters the fine concentric rings, and becomes a new spray pattern that is widely used in various industries. This spiral atomizing nozzle not only…

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fan nozzle
Introduction of fan nozzle

A fan nozzle is a fan-shaped nozzle with a spray shape of various angles. Fan-shaped spray form, the edge of the spray shape is clearly defined, and the finely processed flow guide plane provides a uniform, high-impact spray shape. The spray channel is large and smooth, reducing the blocking phenomenon. The spray shape is a…

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spray systems
Classification and characteristics of spray systems

Although spray systems can over-wet the leaves, substrate or the surrounding environment, they are inexpensive to build, so many greenhouse or outdoor systems are still in heavy use. The most commonly used are intermittent operation, and they are called Intermittent mist systems. Application field and function classification of spray system installation: 1. Spray humidification system;2.…

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Ship desulfurization
Main performance parameters of desulfurization nozzle

Careful selection of spray nozzles in absorption towers is an important factor in controlling the operation and maintenance costs of FGD systems. The selection of nozzles in the absorption tower is the most critical. When choosing a nebulizer, the optimum spray characteristics should be obtained for the specified operating conditions. In the absorption tower, both…

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Ultrasonic Atomizing Nozzle
Advantages of spray dust suppression

The spray system can be used not only for humidification, cooling, but also for dust removal. Thermal power plants, cement plants, refractory materials processing plants and coal-fired boilers will generate a large amount of soot and waste gas during production and operation. In view of their environmental pollution, various dust removal technologies have appeared at…

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dust control nozzle
How does the nozzle control the dust in the coal mine

When excavating and loading coal mines, a large amount of dust will be generated. This kind of dust will not only endanger the health of workers, but also affect the operation of work equipment, accelerate the wear and tear of machinery, reduce visibility, and even increase the incidence of accidents. The spray dust suppression system…

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