spray nozzle cooling
The principle and function of spray nozzle cooling

The influence of outdoor high temperature environment on human body has attracted people’s attention. Traditional environmental cooling methods are limited to indoors, and the cooling range is limited. In view of the urban high temperature and heat island effect, an efficient and energy-saving outdoor cooling system is urgently needed to improve the urban thermal climate…

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Dust Control Ultrasonic Air Atomizing Nozzle
Where can dust removal nozzles be used?

Nozzles are widely used in the industry, and the materials range from stainless steel, plastics to silicon carbide, polytetrafluoroethylene, PP (engineering plastics), aluminum alloys and tungsten steel. The application range is generally used in automobiles, electroplating, surface treatment, high pressure Cleaning, dust removal, cooling, desulfurization, humidification, mixing, gardening and other industries. There are many applications…

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Washing Cleaning Nozzle
Application of Nozzle in Food Industry

With its wear resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and accuracy of spray flow rate, spray angle and shot angle, the nozzle can meet the production needs of various food sections and realize diversified applications in the food industry. In the food industry, nozzles are used in a wide range of applications. Whether it is the…

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Application of Nozzle in Paper Industry

Nozzle is a seemingly small and inconspicuous spare part on a paper machine, but from the headbox, wire pressing section, drying section, and coiling section, the existence of nozzles is everywhere. The quality of the nozzles used directly determines the quality of the paper produced by the paper mill, the service life of various felts,…

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denitration and desulfurization spray lance
Application of Nozzle in Power Industry

Nozzles are mainly used for wet dust removal and desulfurization in power plants. The wet electrostatic precipitator project is the main dust removal technology currently used in China. The demand for nozzles is huge, and the nozzles for wet electrostatic precipitators are full cone nozzle series. Choose different materials in different working conditions, there are…

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Silicone Carbide Spiral Spray Nozzle
Application of Nozzle in Environmental Protection Industry

The variety and amount of energy used in industrial production are growing rapidly, and most important industrial energy sources, such as gas oil, generate a large amount of smoke, dust and waste gas after combustion. Environmental protection and energy conservation have become more and more important in industrial production. In the context of manufacturing upgrades,…

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dry fog humidifier
How to choose humidification nozzle in workshop?

Humidification nozzle selection, there are many humidification nozzles on the market at present, the flow rate is also divided into many types, and the environment used is also very different. As a humidification nozzle manufacturer, we will basically recommend different humidification according to different customer environments. today we will introduce in detail how to choose…

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Hollow Cone Full Cone Spiral Nozzle
Design principle of desulfurization nozzle layout

When we use the desulfurization tower for desulfurization and dust removal, the desulfurization nozzle is the most important part. The spray effect of the desulfurization nozzle determines the effect of the entire desulfurization tower. It is very important to arrange the desulfurization nozzles in the tower. Only reasonable and optimized nozzle layout design can meet…

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solid cone nozzle
Points for judging that the nozzle needs to be replaced

Due to the small design shapes of nozzles, fan nozzles, atomizing nozzles, two-fluid air atomizing nozzles, spiral nozzles, metal nozzles, humidifying nozzles, etc., various nozzle models are easily blocked by dirt residues during long-term use in production, and can not be normal. After using the nozzle for a period of time, different shapes will appear.…

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K4 Tank Wash Nozzle
Selection points of industrial stainless steel cleaning nozzles

Cleaning nozzles are widely used in surface treatment, electronics, chemicals, environmental protection, steel, automobiles, machinery, medicine, power plants, ventilation, shipbuilding, papermaking, food and other industrial fields. The cleaning nozzles selected for different industrial fields are also different. Stainless steel cleaning nozzles and nozzles are widely used in cleaning complete sets of equipment because of their…

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air atomizing nozzle
Application of Industrial Cooling Atomizing Air Nozzle

The main cleaning fields of industrial cooling air nozzle classification include: cleaning and external cleaning of metal tanks and container walls; fan-shaped nozzles are generally used for cleaning items on metal suspension chains, and can also be used in filters and filters, metal surfaces. Pretreatment, cleaning of paper mill felt, mesh cloth, sand on metal…

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ceramic nozzle
Advantages of Ceramic Nozzles

Ceramic nozzles have a wide range of applications. Ceramic nozzles have the characteristics of wear resistance and chemical resistance. When using a ceramic nozzle, the effect is completely different. It is not softened by heat, and it is not easy to stick to slag. Whether it is a push-wire welding gun or a drawing-type welding…

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