Ultrasonic Atomizing Nozzle
Wide application of ultrasonic air atomizing nozzles

Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzles are a type of atomizing nozzles. They are generally made of stainless steel and connected with external threads. They are suitable for cooling, humidifying, and dust removal in various occasions. Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle application: 1. Spray dust removal application. Dust control in belt conveying and unloading in thermal power plants,…

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Advantages of automated tank cleaning technology

In chemical production, there are often a large number of storage tanks (tanks) equipment, these tanks (tanks) equipment must be cleaned to varying degrees before or during operation due to the requirements of operating process conditions. In the chemical industry, the cleanliness of tanks will directly affect the quality of finished products, so tank cleaning…

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dust control nozzle
Methods of Controlling Dust

Dust refers to solid particles suspended in the air. It is customary to have many names for dust, such as dust, smoke, mineral dust, sand dust, powder, etc. These terms have no clear boundaries. The International Organization for Standardization stipulates that suspended solids with a particle size of less than 75 μm are defined as…

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Beer beverage fermentation tank cleaning case

In the process of beer production, since the raw materials are rich in nutrients, the fermentation process will produce a large amount of protein, hop resin, polysaccharide, yeast and other organic substances and calcium oxalate, sulfate and other inorganic substances, which adhere to the inner wall of the tank and become microorganisms and bacteria. A…

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Application of Solenoid Valve on Nozzle

Solenoid valve (Electromagnetic valve) is an industrial equipment controlled by electromagnetic, which is an automatic basic component used to control fluid. It belongs to the actuator and is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. Used in industrial control systems to adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium. The solenoid valve can…

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