K4 Tank Wash Nozzle
Selection points of industrial stainless steel cleaning nozzles

Cleaning nozzles are widely used in surface treatment, electronics, chemicals, environmental protection, steel, automobiles, machinery, medicine, power plants, ventilation, shipbuilding, papermaking, food and other industrial fields. The cleaning nozzles selected for different industrial fields are also different. Stainless steel cleaning nozzles and nozzles are widely used in cleaning complete sets of equipment because of their…

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air atomizing nozzle
Application of Industrial Cooling Atomizing Air Nozzle

The main cleaning fields of industrial cooling air nozzle classification include: cleaning and external cleaning of metal tanks and container walls; fan-shaped nozzles are generally used for cleaning items on metal suspension chains, and can also be used in filters and filters, metal surfaces. Pretreatment, cleaning of paper mill felt, mesh cloth, sand on metal…

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ceramic nozzle
Advantages of Ceramic Nozzles

Ceramic nozzles have a wide range of applications. Ceramic nozzles have the characteristics of wear resistance and chemical resistance. When using a ceramic nozzle, the effect is completely different. It is not softened by heat, and it is not easy to stick to slag. Whether it is a push-wire welding gun or a drawing-type welding…

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Flanged Silicone Carbide Spiral Spray Nozzle
Classification and application of spiral nozzles

The spiral nozzle is characterized by a spiral design, which is not easy to block and has good spray effect. There are many different types of helical nozzles on the market, each with its own characteristics and applications. Various classifications of spiral nozzles 1. Classification by nozzle material Spiral nozzles can be divided into stainless…

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car washing
Why do car washes use high pressure fan nozzles?

At present, the density of vehicles has almost reached the level of one car per person. The traffic is crowded and the appearance of the car will be affected in the event of bad weather. This requires the car wash industry to serve. Spray nozzles are very common in the car washing industry. They are…

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spiral nozzle
How to install the silicon carbide spiral nozzle?

Silicon carbide spiral nozzle has a fine atomization effect, and the selectable flow range and spray angle range of silicon carbide spiral nozzle is wide, which is widely used in engineering. Silicon carbide spiral nozzle has stable chemical properties, especially suitable for use in the chemical industry , Choose a good silicon carbide spiral nozzle…

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What nozzle is good for garden landscape fogging?

In recent years, the application field of atomizing nozzles has been continuously expanded. In addition to the need to use atomizing nozzles in industry and agriculture, atomizing nozzles have also been very well used in the field of landscape fogging. The Impinging atomizing nozzle is named for its very small and uniform atomized particles. It…

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Classification and characteristics of ceramic nozzles

Ceramic nozzles are processed with high precision and can be easily used in various harsh environments. It is the best choice to replace cemented carbide and high-speed steel products. Ceramic nozzles are made of special ceramic materials, which are very durable and are widely used in various fields. They have a long service life and…

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cyco nozzles
The atomization process and principle of industrial nozzles

The atomization nozzles used by industrial nozzles in the field of atomization, and the atomization technologies of nozzles are also divided into many types. The working principles of atomizing nozzles cover almost all industrial fields. In industrial applications, we can understand how important the use of atomizing nozzles is, because atomizing nozzles can effectively dedust…

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Ultrasonic Atomizing Nozzle
Wide application of ultrasonic air atomizing nozzles

Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzles are a type of atomizing nozzles. They are generally made of stainless steel and connected with external threads. They are suitable for cooling, humidifying, and dust removal in various occasions. Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle application: 1. Spray dust removal application. Dust control in belt conveying and unloading in thermal power plants,…

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