Automated Precision Coating

The CYCO solenoid valve nozzle, when used with the CYCO automated spray control system, can enhance precision, reduce waste and overspray, and save time and effort.

The solenoid valve nozzle can open and close rapidly, and when you need 180 cycles per minute or 10,000 cycles or more, you can find what you need in our extensive spray nozzle product line. Options include adjustable or standard automatic spray nozzles, metering nozzles, compact precision nozzles, cleaning needles, installation configurations, and more. For more complex control of our automatic spray nozzles, add a spray control system to optimize performance and significantly increase cycle speed.

Automated Precision Coating Features

When precise spraying, moisturizing, or preservative application is needed, the 2205-A automatic spray control system is an ideal choice, available in both air atomizing and electric/pneumatic hydraulic types. When using the Changyuan automatic spray control system, precise spray control can achieve automatic flow regulation according to production line speed changes.

Automated Precision Coating Applications

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Automated Precision Coating System

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