January 17, 2022

Characteristics And Application Of Small Flow Fan-shaped Air Atomizing Nozzle

If the spraying workshop in our working environment is too dry, static electricity will be formed, which will affect the effect of spraying. If the spraying workshop is too dry, a large amount of dust will be generated, which will have a great impact on the smoothness of the sprayed surface. For humidification in the spraying industry, small-flow fan-shaped air atomizing nozzles can be selected. The spray particles are small, not dripping, and can also absorb heat, reducing the temperature of the spraying surface and improving the quality of spraying.

The atomizing nozzles are provided with circular atomizing nozzles and fan-shaped atomizing nozzles, and the fan-shaped atomizing nozzles are divided into small flow and large flow.

Small flow fan-shaped air atomizing nozzle:
Nozzle material: stainless steel
Participating medium: liquid, gas
Working pressure: 0.7 bar to 7 bar
Working temperature: normal temperature
Small flow fan-shaped air atomizing nozzle Application fields: humidification, disinfection

Features of small flow fan-shaped air atomizing nozzle:

1. The flow rate of the nozzle is very small, the spray is small and uniform, and the average particle size of the droplets is below 50 microns.
2. The humidification atomizing nozzle of the small flow fan spraying industry can adjust the size of the atomized particles and the flow rate according to the use environment to achieve a better spray effect.
3. The nozzle does not need to be supplied with liquid. The pressurizing device is self-priming. The internal structure of the nozzle is uniquely designed, and it contains an anti-drip device, which will not cause dripping and water leakage.
4. It can produce micron-level fine spray effect, which can play a good humidifying effect on the surrounding environment.
5. The spray angle of the small flow fan-shaped air atomizing nozzle includes a variety of spray angles, generally around 80 degrees. The spray effect is fan-shaped.
6. The small flow fan-shaped air atomizing nozzle can make the gas and liquid evenly mixed together to achieve the atomization effect of gas-liquid mixing.

Application field of small flow fan-shaped air atomizing nozzle

Humidification in the spraying industry: Humidification can eliminate static electricity in the spraying process and prevent volatile gases from causing explosion accidents. Prevent dust from adhering to the surface of the workpiece, make the surface of the sprayed workpiece bright and dust-free, create good conditions for surface painting treatment, and improve the quality of automobile spraying.

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