January 14, 2022

Characteristics And Application Of Stainless Steel Air Atomizing Nozzle

The internal structure of the stainless steel air atomizing nozzle is specially designed, so that the liquid and gas can be fully mixed together. Even without changing the air and liquid pressure, two different spray shapes are sprayed. The stainless steel atomizing nozzle can spray fine and uniform atomized particles, which can improve the environment in the workshop and effectively remove electrostatic dust.

air atomizing nozzle

Design Features:

1. The feature of the stainless steel nozzle is that it can only change the gas pressure to control the liquid with higher viscosity, without changing the liquid pressure.
2. The stainless steel air atomizing nozzle can adjust the liquid and gas pressure to a balanced state to spray fine or coarse particle spray
3. Stainless steel atomizing nozzles provide a variety of materials to meet the needs of various users, including plastic, brass, stainless steel and other different nozzles. There are also a variety of options for installation and combination, such as reverse double-headed, square-headed, and so on.

Application fields of stainless steel air atomization:

Humidification of edible fungi: We all know that the edible fungi factory needs to be humidified to ensure the output and quality of edible fungi, so we need to use stainless steel atomizing nozzles to humidify the edible fungi. This nozzle can effectively humidify the edible mushroom workshop, so that the humidity in the workshop can reach the environment that the edible mushroom likes, and it can also refresh the air in the edible mushroom workshop, maintain the humidity of the edible mushroom, increase the output of the edible mushroom, and bring economic benefits to the enterprise.

Edible mushroom spray humidification promotes growth

Stainless steel air atomizing nozzles can also be used in power plant workshops, brewing, humidification and cooling in the food industry, greenhouse cultivation, livestock breeding, humidification and disinfection of flower nurseries, etc.

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