January 26, 2022

Characteristics of special spray disinfection equipment for animal husbandry

The special spraying and disinfection equipment for animal husbandry is mainly composed of four parts: pumping station unit, spraying unit, control unit and high-pressure shunt valve unit.

1. Pumping station unit: The pumping station unit uses a high-pressure ceramic plunger pump to generate high-pressure water of 7Mpa, and the pressure of the pumping station is adjusted by itself through the pressure sensor and the frequency converter, which is suitable for stable adjustment between 100kg/h~1600kg/h flow. At the same time, it has multiple protection functions.

2. Spray unit: The precision-machined copper or stainless steel micro-mist nozzle has the advantages of fine spray, no wear and small pressure loss.

3. Control unit: The system adjusts, displays and controls various status points of the system through programmable control according to the needs of the project, monitors all system functions, prevents failures, and can also display failures. When the control unit is connected to an external humidity sensor Or humidity sensor and servo mechanism of external controller can form a fully automatic system.

4. High-pressure shunt valve unit: The high-pressure shunt valve can realize multi-channel water supply or drainage according to the needs of the high-pressure water control preset program and the preset spray unit.

In the hot summer, the use of special spray disinfection equipment for livestock breeding can quickly reduce the temperature in the livestock and poultry houses, accelerate the flow of air, neutralize excess positive ions in the air, and increase the content of negative ions in the air, thereby improving the environment of the farm. Prevent the breeding of bacteria, reduce the plague of livestock and improve the survival rate of livestock.

Features of special spray disinfection equipment for animal husbandry:

1. High efficiency: The disinfection efficiency of the system is extremely high, which can reach 100% indoors. Even in an air-conditioning box, the efficiency is as high as 90% or more, which cannot be achieved by other isoenthalpy systems.

2. Hygiene: The water in the high-pressure micro-mist system is sealed and non-circulating, so it will not lead to the increase of bacteria.

3. Thin fog: The high-pressure micro-mist spray nozzle can generate 5 billion droplets per second, and the diameter of the droplets is only 3~10m, just like the clouds in the mountains, so the cooling effect is excellent.

4. Energy saving: Atomization of 1 liter of water only consumes 6w of power, which is one percent of the traditional electrothermal spray equipment and one tenth of the centrifugal or gas-water hybrid disinfection system, so it is very energy-saving.

5. Reliable: The main engine of the high-pressure micro-mist cooling system adopts an industrial imported plunger pump, which can run continuously for 24 hours for a long time.

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