April 15, 2022

Chemical storage tank cleaning method

At present, traditional oil tank cleaning methods mainly use manual labor. Manual tank cleaning has problems such as large labor force, long cleaning cycle, poor safety, low recovery rate, and environmental pollution. Using the traditional manual tank cleaning method, although the cost is low, the 3%-5% sludge at the bottom of the tank is difficult to deal with. Manual tank cleaning does not meet the objective requirements of the environment and development.

comcyco tank

The cleaning method:
1. Use steam to cook chemical storage tanks. Pay attention to the pressure and flow of steam when passing steam into the tank. Use low pressure and slow intake at low speed to prevent the danger of electrostatic accumulation. In addition, the intake speed is too fast and the pressure is too high. Structural damage to the tank body.
2. The cleaning of the storage tank should be from high to low, leaving no missing places
3. After the chemical storage tank is boiled for 3 hours, stop steaming into the storage tank. Use the automatic tank cleaning nozzle to wash the storage tank. The water pressure is not less than 180kpa, and the cost of washing the tank and the residual waste are properly handled.
4. After the storage tank is boiled, cleaned and cooled, use the measuring instrument to measure the storage tank. Mainly check the tank: oxygen content, toxic gas content, combustible gas content. If the inspection results do not meet the national standards, the three tasks of appeal should be repeated.

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