March 14, 2022

Classification and application of spiral nozzles

The spiral nozzle is characterized by a spiral design, which is not easy to block and has good spray effect. There are many different types of helical nozzles on the market, each with its own characteristics and applications.

Flanged Silicone Carbide Spiral Spray Nozzle

Various classifications of spiral nozzles

1. Classification by nozzle material

Spiral nozzles can be divided into stainless steel spiral nozzles, silicon carbide spiral nozzles, plastic spiral nozzles, ceramic spiral nozzles, brass spiral nozzles, PTFE spiral nozzles, etc.

2. Classification by spray angle

At present, there are various spray angles of spiral nozzles: 50° spiral nozzle, 60° spiral nozzle, 90° route nozzle, 120° spiral nozzle, 170° spiral nozzle, -120° spiral nozzle, -180° spiral nozzle, 360° rotating spiral nozzle Nozzle etc.

3. Classification by nozzle size

Spiral nozzles come in many sizes, from as small as 1/8 inch to as large as 12 inches.

4. Classification by connection method

The common connection methods of spiral nozzles include external thread (stainless steel spiral nozzle), internal thread (internal thread spiral nozzle), flange type (flange stainless steel spiral nozzle), winding connection, etc. However, it should be noted that many nozzles use a variety of connection methods. For example, silicon carbide spiral nozzles are connected with external threads and flanges, and desulfurization spiral nozzles are mainly connected with external threads. They also include internal screw connections, flange connections, etc. Winding connections, etc.

5. Classification by nozzle structure

Spiral nozzles can also be divided into solid cone spiral nozzles and hollow cone spiral nozzles according to their internal structure.

Design and Application of Spiral Nozzle

There is no other “filler” inside the spiral nozzle. After the spray body is tangent and collided with the continuously smaller spiral surface, it becomes a tiny liquid droplet and sprays out to form a mist. If the spiral part is straight up, then the spray is a hollow cone. type, if there is a corner in the middle, the spray is a solid cone.

At the same time, because the spiral nozzle has no internal structure, the nozzle will not be blocked, and each of its spiral surfaces will produce a hollow or solid cone spray effect, which also ensures that its spray effect is several times that of other ordinary nozzles.

The streamlined design of the nozzle cavity from the inlet to the outlet keeps the drag coefficient low, making the spiral nozzle suitable for a variety of jobs. For example, the waste desulfurization, dust removal and other cooling of the flanged silicon carbide spiral nozzle mentioned above, as well as the leaching process of the spiral structure design, are suitable for application in many industrial fields such as chemical industry, environmental protection, electric power, and textile.

Spiral nozzle accessories include split hole connectors and adjustable ball joints. The split hole connector can replace the threaded welding base and has an anti-leakage gasket; the adjustable ball joint can adjust and control the spray direction of the spiral nozzle, so that the nozzle has higher performance.

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