March 10, 2022

Classification and characteristics of ceramic nozzles

Ceramic nozzles are processed with high precision and can be easily used in various harsh environments. It is the best choice to replace cemented carbide and high-speed steel products. Ceramic nozzles are made of special ceramic materials, which are very durable and are widely used in various fields. They have a long service life and are deeply loved by users. Ceramic nozzles are a very common sprinkler in agricultural water spray facilities. This nozzle has good abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, and is very popular. This encyclopedia will focus on the characteristics of ceramic nozzles, classification of ceramic nozzles, application of ceramic nozzles, etc., and briefly talk about ceramic nozzles.

ceramic nozzle

First, the classification of ceramic nozzles

1. Oxide ceramic nozzle

Oxide ceramic nozzles refer to nozzles made of oxidizing materials such as alumina and zirconia, which have high oxidizing properties and are easy to react with oxygen in the air. Because the performance of oxide ceramic nozzles is not as good as that of silicon nitride nozzles and silicon carbide nozzles, they have been gradually eliminated.

2. Nitride ceramic nozzle

Nitride ceramic nozzle refers to a nozzle made of silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide material. This ceramic nozzle has good stability and generally does not undergo oxidation reaction.

3. Silicon carbide ceramic nozzle

Silicon carbide ceramic nozzles refer to nozzles made of silicon carbide or boron carbide materials. This nozzle has good performance and is very popular.

Solid Stream Needle Nozzle

Second, the characteristics of ceramic nozzles

1. Good wear resistance

Compared with plastic nozzles, ceramic nozzles have better wear resistance. The hardness of the ceramic nozzle is higher than that of the plastic nozzle. Even if it is hit by a certain force, it will not be deformed as easily as the plastic nozzle. Even if it is worn, there will be no excessive damage in a short period of time.

2. will not rust

Compared with metal nozzles, ceramic nozzles are less prone to rust even if they get wet. The biggest disadvantage of metal nozzles is that they are easy to rust. Once they get wet, if they are not treated in time, they will easily rust over time, while ceramic nozzles have no such trouble at all.

3. Good chemical resistance

Ceramic nozzles are chemically resistant, generally do not react with mysterious chemicals, and can be used to spray a variety of chemical agents.

Third, Application fields of ceramic nozzles

1. Cleaning objects

Ceramic nozzles can be used to clean the surface of objects such as cars, motorcycles, and household appliances, and rinse the dust off the surfaces of these objects. The ceramic nozzles can spray water, which ensures that the water can be sprayed into small crevices everywhere.

2. Spray coating

Ceramic nozzles can also be used in phosphating, passivation, degreasing and other operations on the surface of metal parts, and can spray paint on metal parts.

3. Humidification

Ceramic nozzles can also be applied to humidification work in workshops, storage rooms, textile workshops, printing plants, etc. By regularly spraying water on these sites, static electricity can be effectively prevented, thereby reducing fire accidents caused by static electricity in these places.

4. Agricultural production

Ceramic nozzles can also be applied to agricultural production. Its role in irrigation in agriculture can change the traditional irrigation mode, make agricultural production gradually develop towards the road of science and technology, and also make it easier for farmers to irrigate and reduce the energy waste of farmers.

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