Automatic Cleaning System for Medium and Large Fermenters

Automatic Cleaning System for Medium and Large Fermenters

The main working principle of the reaction kettle high-pressure cleaning system is to control the opening of the water pump, the control of each valve and the action control of each organization through the PLC electric control system. It utilizes the cleaning liquid to drive the high-pressure 3D cleaning nozzle to clean the tank with no blind spot and full-coverage circulation.


Fermenters not only have cooling coils, but also have foreign components such as reinforced beams and stirring blades. Because of the complex structure, automatic cleaning has always been a difficult matter. The traditional cleaning method is that workers take the water gun into the tank for cleaning, which is not only a harsh working environment, a high risk of safety hazards, but also the uncertainty of manual cleaning, especially for large fermentation tanks. In order to solve this problem, our company deeply exchanges and discusses with large enterprises, we have investigated and researched many times, and tried to make the automated cleaning equipment for the working condition. After a number of improvements and optimization, we have successfully developed an automatic cleaning system for fermentation tanks, which has been successfully applied to various large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises in China. At present, the product has been upgraded for the fifth time, the performance is mature and reliable, the existing equipment has been running normally for many years.

Principle and Introduction of Automatic Cleaning Equipment System for Fermenters
The equipment has taken two years to develop successfully, with patent protection, and applied in various large enterprise successfully, which has been verified by the market to get various favorable comments in the past years. Its working mode is fully automatic control, the operator no longer need to enter the tank for cleaning, they only need to monitor and assist the entire cleaning process. While adding security for the safety of workers, it also reduces the workload of workers and improves work efficiency, shortens the cleaning time and saves cleaning agent, which really saves time, effort and cost.

Water pump protection – anti-idling, anti-holding pressure overload, anti-overheating.
Automatic start and stop – when start cleaning, the main pump starts automatically. When you need to pause in the cleaning process, close the water valve, the main pump stops working and enters the standby state. After opening the water valve again, the main pump starts working again.
Automatic adapting – a mobile trolley for cleaning which is integrated with swinging angle, cocking arm, pipe sending and receiving.
Hygienic hose – hygienic composite hose with pressure resistance of 50 Bar and quick-fit interface design.

Technical Description of Cleaning System for Fermenters
Cleaning target: all kinds of mixing tanks, reaction kettles, fermentation tanks

Cleaning car in position – adjust the cleaning cantilever and lock it after it is in position. Step on the foot brake of the cleaning car to prevent movement. Connect water, electricity and gas.
Start cleaning – after the operator starts the system, it enters the automatic cleaning state without manual intervention. The cleaning time for each position can be set and changed manually, but it is necessary to enter the password in the specified page on the touch screen.
End of cleaning – after cleaning is finished, the system automatically retracts the telescopic arm and disconnects the water and electricity. Manually turn the cleaning cantilever back to its original position and then lock it.
Estimated cleaning time – about 30-45 minutes / tank, the specific cleaning time needs to be based on the requirements of the customer, the size of the tank diameter and the number of set cleaning points.

Features of cleaning equipment for fermenters: CYCO fermenter automatic cleaning equipment is mature and stable, it can replace manual cleaning with high degree of automation. This not only greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and reduces labor intensity, but also do not need to enter the tank, just use the mechanical arm for spot cleaning. The depth of descent, cleaning time, the number of cleaning points can be adjusted according to the actual situation. It adopts the mobile cleaning method, and does not need to open extra holes, especially suitable for 50-500m³ fermenter cleaning.

Applications of Automatic Fermenter Cleaning Equipment: mainly used for all-round cleaning of various cubic tanks such as medium-sized and large fermentation tanks.