Hand-Push High-Pressure Cleaner – CYH-1510G4

CYCO provides personalized customization of various cleaning equipment and cleaning solution systems according to customer needs and on-site conditions! Covering 98% of industry cleaning needs.

Hand-push high-pressure cleaner - CYH-1510G4
Hand-push high-pressure cleaner - CYH-1510G4

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We specialize in the research, design, manufacturing, and sales of various types of high-performance cleaning heads, spray balls, cleaning balls, and automated tank cleaning equipment. With cutting-edge cleaning technology, strong product support, and a 23-year technical research and development team, we provide mechanical cleaning solutions for tanks, reactors, containers, and other equipment in industries such as biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage, chemical processing, and petrochemicals. We offer the best cleaning equipment and solutions tailored to different operating conditions and cleaning requirements.

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