Washing and Drying System for 112L Lithium Salt Barrels

Washing and Drying System for 112L Lithium Salt Barrels

After the CYCO lithium salt barrel cleaning system is put into production, it is expected that the cleaning efficiency will be increased by 400% compared with the traditional manual cleaning, while the labor demand will decrease by 70% and the water consumption will decrease by 50%. It can effectively guarantee the cleaning effect, reduce the risk of quality control, reduce the production and environmental costs, improve the degree of production and logistics intelligence, as well as increase the comprehensive benefits.


With the rapid development of the new energy industry, lithium salt barrels are used in large quantities as lithium chemical raw material containers, so the cleaning of it is particularly important.
As we all know, lithium salt is a substance harmful to human health, so the cleaning of lithium salt barrels is very difficult, and the slightest carelessness will lead to safety accidents, or even serious injuries and deaths.
The safety hazard of lithium salt barrel cleaning has troubled many customers, so CYCO can provide professional lithium salt barrel cleaning system to realize automated cleaning according to customer’s demand.
CYCO provides a new energy enterprise with a stainless steel 200L lithium salt barrel cleaning system solutions, the working mode of the system is fully automatic operation. The ultra-high-pressure 3D tank washer can realize all-round scanning and cleaning of closed containers without dead corners. The entire cleaning process requires only a few operators to be responsible for the assistance, inspection and monitoring outside the tank, which can completely get rid of the potential safety hazards of the surrounding environmental pollution problems. Because the cleaning method is water-based, it is a safe and eco-friendly, non-corrosive and non-invasive cleaning process.

Series: Washing and Drying System for 112L Lithium Salt Barrels
Cleaning cycle: 2-5 minutes
Cleaning method: fully automatic internal and external cleaning
Customization: can be designed independently according to the working conditions

Features and Advantages
1. Can be customized according to the working conditions of the site and the requirements of the material design.
2. No manual operation is required to avoid the unclean dead space caused by manual cleaning.
3. Higher efficiency and better cleanliness compared with traditional methods.
4. High degree of automation, simple operation, no manual intervention.
5. No need for manual cleaning can reduce labor intensity.
6. The operator only needs to monitor and assist the entire cleaning process.

1. Internal and external cleaning system
2. Water circulation system
3. Drying system
4. Water heating system
5. Leak detection system
6. Explosion-proof configuration
7. PLC touch control

CYCO can develop corresponding lithium salt barrel cleaning system according to the requirements of customers, such as lithium hexafluorophosphate barrel cleaning system and equipment, electrolyte barrel cleaning system, 200L electrolyte barrel cleaning equipment, lithium salt barrel cleaning equipment, 1000L lithium salt barrel cleaning system and 112 liter lithium salt barrel cleaning system. It is believed that the fully automated, high efficiency and high cleanliness CYCO lithium salt barrel cleaning system can bring a better development prospect to the new energy industry.