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Gantry car washing machine

Constuction sites, cement mixing plants, coal mines, garbage dumps, sand and gravel plants, power plants

car washing machine

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car washing machine
car washing machine

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Gantry car washing machine

car washing machine

Product information

Quality assurance complete specifications

CYCO-LM60G Mechanical Tunnel Gantry Car Wash
Equipment size
Equipment weight
Applicable vehicles
0-200 ton engineering vehicles and other vehicles
Start method
Photoelectric induction automatic, wireless remote control, manual
flushing pressure
Rinse time
10-60 seconds/vehicle(can be adjusted according to the soil conditions of the project)
Water consumption
32 squares per hour
Total power
One 15KW stainless steel centrifugal pump or two 7.5KW sewage pumps
Sludge removal
Sedimentation tank filtration
CYCO-XC-LM60 Gantry Fixed Car Wash Machine
Equipment size
Installation Dimensions
Car Wash Size
Car Wash Form
Vehicle Pass-Through
Water Consumption
Control Method
Inductive sensor, wireless remote control, human-machine interface

Discharge port car washing machine

The discharge port car washing machine is specially devloped for the concrete batching plant. New car washing machine the car washing machine adopts a gantry structure, and the door of the discharge port is installed. No need to occupy additional space of the mixing station, the system uses a swinging water jet on the side the structure is able to carry out the whole vehicle washing, the top is provided with a top spray, and the ground is provided with chassis flush.

car washing machine
car washing machine

360° all-round fast flushing

The equipment can spray water from different angles and positions to cover the bottom of the vehicle and tire gaps, and clean and quickly.

Automatic induction automatic sludge discharge

Imported sensors are used to automatically sense the water pump after the vehicle to start the vehicle during the stay, the car wahsing machine automatically discharges the mud, reducing the intensity of manual operation.

car washing machine
car washing machine

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