CYCO Spiral Nozzle Video

Spiral nozzle is a kind of hollow or full cone nozzle that with spraying angle from 60 to 170 degree, the liquid flow rate is about 5.5-4140 L/M at 3 bar. With a compact structure and smooth flow channel design , it can minimize the liquid barrier and makes the maximum flow rate in certain pipe size.

CYCO Full Cone Nozzle Video

BBS/BBW series full cone nozzle is composed of nozzle body and special vane. The special vane not only provides excellent atomization performance but also reduces the nozzle length effectively.

CYCO Tank Cleaning Nozzle Video

CYCO tank cleaning nozzles can be widely used in automatic cleaning of various Crude oil storage tanks, chemical containers, large storage tanks, transport tankers, fermentation tanks, beer pots, white water tanks, yeast breeding containers, black liquor tanks, drying bins, sewage wells, etc.

CYCO Nozzle Production Capacity Video

With the development of more than 20 years, it has become one of the biggest spray nozzle manufacturers in ASIA, combining R&D, sales, and production together. A spray nozzle is the complex of high-degree accuracy and intractable, CYCO pays attention to each detail of the whole technological process, From Raw material selecting & testing to processing and finished product measuring, hundreds of equipment are used, Like CNC lathes, 3-coordinates measuring machine, Fluid density & impact testing machine and so on.