March 30, 2022

Design parameters of high pressure water mist nozzle

High pressure water mist nozzle is an important part of fire extinguishing system. In order to achieve good fire extinguishing performance, we will make high-pressure water mist nozzles according to specific data. Let us analyze the reference factors for the design of high-pressure water mist nozzles.

Mist Fire Fighting Spray Nozzle

1. Design parameters of high pressure water mist nozzle
1. The generation mechanism of fine water mist:
When the water passes through the high-pressure water atomizing nozzle, it will form a small water jet or a thin water film. These water jets or water films will be split into small water droplets after interacting with the atmosphere, and the fine water mist is thus generated. The quality standard of fine water mist is calculated by the size of the average diameter of the mist droplets.

2. Consideration parameters of high pressure water mist nozzle
Stainless Steel High Pressure Water Mist Nozzle
①Working pressure: The droplets formed by the high-pressure water mist nozzle are thinner than the medium and low pressure water mist, and the flow rate is small.
②Flow rate: refers to the total amount of mist particles ejected by the nozzle per unit time, and the flow rate depends on the cross-sectional area of ​​the nozzle and the flow rate of the water.
③Particle size (droplet size) distribution: usually calculated using a function.
④ Fog particle characteristic quantity: In practical applications, the volume average particle size is often used to measure the fog particle characteristic quantity.
⑤ Momentum of fog particles: It is determined by the diameter of fog particles. The magnitude of momentum determines the performance of fire extinguishing.
⑥Spray angle: The size of the spray angle will affect the height and protection range of the nozzle we install. The nozzle with a small spray angle is installed in a place with a high height and a concentrated burning area. The size of the spray angle is determined by the design of the nozzle structure.
⑦ Range: The range is directly related to the momentum of the fog particles. The range determines the maximum nozzle installation height.
⑧ Protection diameter: refers to the diameter of the circle covered by the droplets in the plane 1 meter away from the nozzle.

The spray area of ​​the high-pressure water mist nozzle is mainly calculated by using the above parameters.

2. Maintenance skills of high pressure water mist nozzle
The normal state of the high pressure water mist nozzle:
1. Good appearance, no blockage or occlusion at the nozzle.
2. The glass bubble of the closed nozzle was not found to be damaged.

We have to check the condition of the nozzle regularly to see if the nozzle is normal.
The purpose of the maintenance of the high-pressure water mist nozzle is to ensure the normal function of the nozzle, which should be carried out at a certain frequency.

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