May 23, 2022

DJ-Automatic Air Atomization

DJ-Automatic Air Atomization
DJ-Automatic Air Atomization
DJ-Automatic Air Atomization

Compact Type

1/8 DJ spray nozzle is a compact, automatic atomizing nozzle, with a pipeline for single gas, it’s designed to be used in small area. The size of screw thread air and liquid inlet is 1/8 inch NPT or BSPT(inner).

Design Features

DJ automatic air atomizing nozzle has an inner gas driver to control ” on/off” , and can circulate 180 times per minute. When “ on/off” runs, only the liquid of the sprayer will be shut off. The liquid flow can be carried to the nozzle body by siphon, gravity or pressure.
All the parts of spray nozzle are made accurately at strict quality control standard, to insure running smoothly and long service lifetime. The nozzle can be made of nickelplating brass or stainless steel. Each nozzle has astainless steel needle valve, a stainless steel flow cap and a stainless steel spring.

Single gas pipeline type

With a single gas pipeline, 1/4 DJ nozzle can be used in atomizing and driving gas. It controls the pressure to drive the atomizing gas and liquid during “on/off” period. This type of nozzle requires 2 bar gas pressure at least, and could circulate 180 times per minute.

Standard type

1/4 DJ nozzle has air and liquid screw thread with the inlet size of 1/4 inch NPT or BSPT(female), and screw thread gas driver inlet size of 1/8 inch NPT or BSPT(female). This type of nozzle is used with small-flow liquid cap.

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