April 6, 2022

Dry mist humidification system, why is it called dry mist?

In the humidification industry, a dry mist humidifier is now widely used. This system is currently widely used in printing, electronics, chemical, automotive, air conditioning box humidification and other industries, and has been well received in various industries. How does this humidification system compare to other humidification solutions? First we need to start with his name.

dry fog humidifier
dry fog humidifier

Dry fog humidification system, why is it called dry fog? To put it simply, when the humidifier is spraying at work, you put your hand 10 cm away from the humidifier, your hands will not be wet, and there will be no feeling of water sticking to your hands, this is dry mist. This is not to say that the dry mist is not water, but this humidifier mixes compressed air and water, and the water is sprayed from the precision-machined nozzle to form fine water particles of only 7.5 microns. Because the particles are too small, during the spraying process It will float in the air, unlike other humidification systems, the atomized particles will stay on the object directly after contacting the object, forming water droplets.

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