Dust Control Fog Column

Dust Control Fog Column

To effectively address urban air dust pollution, our company has developed the “High-Pressure High-Altitude Flying Mist Dust Removal and Haze Reduction System.” This system has a wide coverage range, with one main unit capable of accommodating multiple devices. It operates intermittently and is fully automated, requiring no manual intervention. It is much more convenient than traditional dust suppression fog cannons or water spraying vehicles. It can entirely replace them for tasks such as dust and haze reduction and cleaning in roads or factory areas.

Working Principle:

The main component of this system is a rotating high-pressure high-altitude sprayer. High-pressure water is sprayed through the sprayer, generating white water particle mist that contains a large number of negative ions. These ions combine with the positive ion dust in the air, effectively cleaning the polluted atmosphere, akin to light rain falling to the ground.

The principle of this system is based on the atmospheric water mist cleaning method. High-altitude spray points are set up in control areas where dust and haze reduction are needed, combined with the flying mist dust reduction method. This creates a full coverage curtain of micron-level water particles in localized areas. Through a series of effective combinations, including automated control, the system achieves a reduction rate of about 60% to 98% for PM2.5 and PM10 in the control area.

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System Advantages:


Equipment Model:
Rotation Range:
0-360 degrees
Spraying Distance:
0-50 meters
Water Supply Quality:
Tap Water
Water Supply Pressure:
2.5-4 kilograms
Control Method:
Touch Wireless
Operating Pressure:
30-70 kilograms
Power Supply Voltage:
Working Flow Rate:
0-40 liters
Steel Pipe Material:
Fog Pillar:
6 meters
Main Engine Equipped with:
High-pressure pump, PLC touch screen, Motor, Plunger pump water shortage protection, Overload protection, Phase sequence protection, Large capacity water tank, Filtration system, Wireless remote control, Mobile APP remote control system

Model Parameters:

Dust Control Fog Column

Product Structure:

The fog pillar consists of four main components: the machine head component, the vertical pole component, the water system, and the electrical control system.

Dust Control Fog Column
Dust Control Fog Column

Machine Head Component:

The main components include high-pressure micro-mist nozzles, machine head rotation components, machine head piping components, and machine head rainproof cover components.

Water System:

Dust Control Fog Column


Waterproofing cement factories, coal plants, power plants, dust-free workshops, steel plants, gravel plants, building materials factories, wood processing industries, mixing stations, feeding workshops, textile workshops, electronics workshops, printing workshops, construction sites, outdoor dust reduction, outdoor cooling, etc.

Project Case:

Dust Control Fog Column
Dust Control Fog Column
Dust Control Fog Column

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