May 12, 2022

Electromagnetic Atomizing Nozzle DCF-L Single Fluid

Spray nozzle Type

Fluid Connections

Fluid connections should use appropriate 1/8 pipe connections, and an appropriate thread
sealant should be applied to the threads before assembling if metal fittings are used. For
those applications requiring recirculation, two 1/8 pipe connection ports are provided. If
recirculation is not required, the 1/8″ pipe plug provided with each unit should be used to
plug one of the doors.

Electrical Connections

Electrical plumbing connections for plumbing fittings accept NPT versions of 1/2” NPT (M).
The conduit must protect the cable from mechanical damage and terminate in a seal or by a
junction box in the hazardous location. For BSPT versions, EX-d rated cable glands are used
on cables. The fuse holder and 3/10 amp fuse should be used as shown in Fiquire 1. The
ground of CY-DP-03-A must be connected to a real ground.



When the coil is energized, a magnetic field is formed, and the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic
force to lift the movable core up, then the sealing plug is opened, and the liquid flows out from the sealing seat;
when it is powered off, the electromagnetic force disappears, the spring behind the movable core presses the
movable core on the sealing seat, then the liquid channel is closed.


The electromagnetic part of the AA(B)10000 DP-03-A pulse jet nozzle was assembled, tested.
and sealed in the factory for safety, proper operation. This part should not be disassembled f
or cleaning or maintenance.
Solenoid coils are sealed in factory and do not require additional plumbing seals.
By removing the nozzle top and unscrewing the valve seat, the valve section of the AA(B) 10000
DP-03-A Pulse Jet Nozzle have the cleaning and maintain effect.
When using fuse protection in hazardous environments, a connecting fuse must be used.

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