February 28, 2022

Features and advantages of spray dust removal systems

1. The dust removal efficiency is high, and the control effect of inhalable dust below 10 μm is as high as 96%, avoiding the harm of silicosis;

2. The spray gun and nozzle sprinkle water evenly, the rain and fog effect is good, avoid the occurrence of blind spots, and can effectively prevent and fix the dust in the yard;

3. The water consumption is small, the material humidity increases by 0.2%-0.5% by weight, and the material (especially coal) has no calorific value loss and no secondary pollution;

4. Low operating cost, low loss rate, low power consumption, and the operating cost of dust removal is only one third of that of bag dust removal;

5. Remote automatic control, automatic partition control, a variety of setting programs, group control, individual control, and any combination control are flexible and convenient;

6. It occupies a small area and is easy to operate. It can be manually controlled for temporary needs. The solenoid valve has its own manual switch function, which can be operated by on-site operators;

7. It can also be used normally in winter, can be equipped with automatic drain valve, heat preservation and heat tracing, easy maintenance, and can also be used normally in winter;

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