January 17, 2022

Features of Air Atomizing Nozzles

The special internal structure design of the air atomizing nozzle can make the liquid and gas evenly mixed to produce a spray of fine droplet size or a spray of coarse droplets. Typically, a finer (under 50 micron) droplet spray is obtained by increasing the gas pressure or decreasing the liquid pressure, resulting in a higher gas flow rate to liquid flow rate ratio.

Air atomizing nozzles have a variety of flow sizes for users to choose from. The use of air atomizing spray nozzles must have gas pressure, and the fine atomization effect is achieved by the full mixing of gas and liquid. In order to facilitate the user’s choice, three structural forms are provided: pressure type, siphon type and gravity type, and different structural forms can be selected for different equipment environments.

The air atomizing spray nozzle has an adjustable shut-off needle valve, which does not require any tools, just needs to be gently tightened or screwed to adjust the spray angle and spray flow at the same time.

Air Atomizing Nozzles Each spray device consists of an air cap and a liquid cap, offering multiple spray patterns and a wide flow range. The nozzle body inlet fittings are available in a variety of sizes to fit most commonly used pipes. The above nozzle parts are interchangeable, which provides flexibility for obtaining different spray properties.

The fine droplet spray produced by the air atomizing nozzle can exert an excellent humidification effect on the surrounding environment. This series of nozzles is ideal for locations requiring effective humidity control.

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