March 30, 2022

Features of bottle cleaning

The tank cleaning nozzle is characterized by a plurality of high-impact cleaning nozzle installation devices. Through the mixed operation of water and air in the cleaning nozzle, the different spray ranges of the distances between different nozzles are involved, so as to achieve automatic rotation and the inner surface of the nozzle can be completely the purpose of cleaning;

Tank cleaning nozzle

The stainless steel tank cleaning nozzle is characterized by the main body of the spray hole, designed with different apertures and azimuth linear spray holes according to a certain spray angle and flow rate, to achieve 360° or other spherical angle cleaning applications, according to different tanks and pipes. The opening diameter is designed differently. dimensions;

The characteristics of tank cleaning nozzles are mainly used in the cleaning of tanks with large volume and high viscosity on the inner wall, relying on low cleaning fluid pressure to form self-rotation to generate a strong columnar liquid flow, and complete the full coverage of the inner wall of the container in a short time. Impact cleaning.

The tank cleaning nozzle is characterized by the special azimuth moment design of the spray head, and the automatic rotation force is generated by hydraulic pressure. The cleaning nozzle can be more efficient than ordinary nozzles when automatically cleaning small containers under the same low pressure. The characteristics of tank cleaning nozzles One is the use of stainless steel, which can make the inside of the tank cleaning nozzle smooth and not easy to be blocked by dirt while ensuring that the use is more wear-resistant and durable.

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