January 19, 2022

Features Of Ceramic Nozzles

Ceramics are generally used to make some decorations, we can use this material to make many exquisite bottles and so on. With the continuous development of technology, ceramics, as an excellent material, will be naturally used in our industrial production. In this process, it is important to use this material. Ceramics are also common in our nozzles.

The use of ceramic nozzles, that is, our ceramic nozzles, for this product, its application has excellent anti-corrosion performance, excellent ability to spray liquid, so that our nozzles are now more widely used in industrial production.

And some mainstream products also occupy a considerable share in the market. First of all, the common ones on the market are white nitrogen connection and silicon carbide nozzles, which are a very important class of ceramic nozzles because this product has played a good role in practical applications.

Mainly, it can have higher hardness and higher wear resistance, so it can be used for a longer life. In this way, our products can be better applied to some production processes with a high degree of wear, which is also an important way to control production costs.

Followed by black silicon carbide nozzles, the big difference from the products mentioned above is that the colors are very different. At the same time, it also has some differences in some physical properties, such as poor wear resistance, but good ductility.

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