January 25, 2022

Features of Clip Adjustable Ball Nozzle

As a connection method of the nozzle, the clip nozzle has its own stainless steel clip, which is the core component of the spray system and one of the most commonly used treatment methods before painting. Therefore, the clip adjustable spherical nozzle is actually a An important part of the pre-installation treatment equipment, so are the adjustable spherical nozzles.

Under different spray conditions, the characteristics of clip nozzles are different, and they are designed according to different working conditions. A suitable clip-on nozzle and adjustable spherical nozzle can ensure that it achieves the best spray effect in use. The types of clip-on nozzles and adjustable spherical nozzles can be characterized, that is, the liquid can take different shapes as it leaves the nozzle.

The names of clip nozzles and adjustable spherical nozzles are mostly distinguished by the shape of the spray, including fan, cone, and air atomization. Among them, cone nozzles can be divided into two categories: hollow cone and solid cone. The selection range of nozzles is relatively large.

If it is a process of degreasing and washing, you can choose a jet nozzle, which has a stronger impact. The best spray angle of the fan-shaped nozzle is 60 degrees, and the impact force is the greatest at this angle. If it is in the phosphating process, it is best to choose a spray with good atomization condition and fine and uniform water particles. The impact force of this centrifugal nozzle is weak.

If it is a tapered clip nozzle and an adjustable spherical nozzle, it is generally O-type, which has dispersibility and can atomize the liquid to achieve the effect of spraying. When arranged on the nozzle, the nozzles can be divided into two forms: parallel and cross. Especially the channel type is arranged vertically and crossed, and the spray effect will be better. According to industry insiders, factors such as flow rate, pressure, spray angle, impact force, material and application should be considered when selecting clip nozzles and adjustable spherical nozzles, because these factors are interrelated and restrict each other.

Because the spray angle and coverage of the clip nozzle and the adjustable spherical nozzle are proportional, and the flow rate and pressure of the clip nozzle are also proportional, so the spray purpose directly determines its selection.

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