March 24, 2022

Features of Dual Fluid Nozzle

The dual fluid nozzle is an atomizing dust removal tool.
The dual-fluid nozzle mainly relies on the air compressor to provide compressed air, and uses the compressed air to atomize the liquid. Generally, there will be three-stage atomization, and there will be corresponding different principles according to different designs of different companies. The flow rate is generally 2 liters/min—80 liters/min.

Two fluid nozzles

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1. The atomized particles are very small and uniform, ensuring complete evaporation.
2. The atomized water mist covers a large area. The maximum atomization diameter of the gas-liquid atomizing spray gun can reach 3um-4um, which can be more fully mixed with the flue gas, which is conducive to the cooling and adjustment of the flue gas.
3. Significant energy saving, it can realize fine atomization under lower air pressure conditions. In addition to using gas and water at low pressure and low energy consumption, the gas-liquid atomizing spray gun can adjust the flue gas temperature to the set value under the condition of ensuring low humidity. The amount of flue gas entering the dust collector is relatively reduced, and the power consumption of the fan is correspondingly reduced.
4. Ensure that the dust collector exerts the highest efficiency. For the bag filter, since the flue gas temperature is guaranteed not to wet the bottom, the amount of flue gas is reduced, thus saving the bag. And you can use inexpensive low-temperature cloth bags. For the electrostatic precipitator system, the flue gas is cooled and tempered to minimize the specific resistance, thereby improving the effect of the electrostatic precipitator.
5. Low consumption of compressed air. The lowest air consumption in its class of gas-liquid atomizing spray guns.
6. The water volume adjustment range is not large. For the gas-liquid atomizing spray gun, by automatically adjusting the pressure of water and gas, the spray water volume can be continuously adjusted between the maximum design flow and zero. Such a water volume adjustment range can easily adjust the water spray volume through the adjustment system when the production conditions are unstable, and the atomized particles remain basically unchanged within the entire water volume variation range.
7. Strong dust capture ability, high desulfurization efficiency, small atomized particles, and fast leaving the nozzle, it can still reach 25-30m/s when the distance from the nozzle is 1.2M, such high-speed water mist particles pass through effective elastic collision , so that a considerable part of the dust particles agglomerate.
8. The pore size of the gas-liquid atomizing spray gun is larger than that of the ordinary nozzle, and it has excellent anti-clogging performance. In order to ensure that the atomized particles are as small as possible, the general pore size of the general high-pressure water nozzle will not exceed 2mm, which is prone to scaling, due to The clogging phenomenon caused by factors such as poor water filter. And our gas-liquid atomizing spray gun has 3-8 spray holes with a hole diameter of 6.3mm. Its unique super-large nozzle design has greater adaptability to impurity particles in water. For the use of river water, industrial circulating water users can reduce the cost of water pretreatment.
9. Due to the design of the special atomization tower and spray system, the speed difference and pressure difference formed with the surrounding flue gas in the reactor are used to realize the most effective mixing of flue gas with fine water droplets, water vapor and reflector. Ideal for desulfurization, removal of HF, HCL, SO2, H2S and destocking.
10. The additional control system automatically adjusts the water spray volume of the spray gun according to the change of flue gas temperature to ensure that the outlet temperature of the dust collector is maintained within an appropriate range, and the control system is stable, reliable and accurate. Evaporative cooling: The best way to cool hot gases and reduce emissions.


Two-fluid nozzles are mostly used in humidification tower spray systems in cement plants.

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