March 31, 2022

Features of High Flow Air Atomizing Nozzle

The high-flow air atomizing nozzle adopts multi-stage atomization, which has good spray effect and large flow rate. It is suitable for dust control and gas desulfurization in thermal power plants, other chemical plants, and cement plant dust removal and environmental protection projects. The high-flow air atomizing nozzle can adjust the liquid flow, and can still produce the required spray effect without changing the air pressure and liquid pressure. The following is an introduction to the high-flow air atomizing nozzle.

DP Full Cone nozzle

Detailed introduction of high-flow air atomizing nozzles

1. Spray area: hollow cone and flat fan.

2. Flow: 2 liters/min to 80 liters/min.

3. Spray angle: narrow angle and wide angle, ranging from 20 degrees to 90 degrees (other angles can be provided according to demand)

The high-flow air atomizing nozzle is a nozzle that generates a micro-mist with an average particle size of 10-50 micron (measured by laser refraction method).


Design Features of Large Flow Air Atomizing Nozzle

1. The high-efficiency design reduces the use of compressed air.

2. The design is still able to provide work in harsh environments.

3. The high-flow air atomizing nozzle adopts three-stage atomization to achieve the ideal atomization performance.

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