January 27, 2022

Features of the rotary nozzle

1. The water consumption of the rotating sprinkler is 60% less than that of the traditional scattering sprinkler, so each irrigation area can have more rotating sprinklers, thereby reducing the complexity and cost of the entire system.

2. When the rotating nozzle is maintained in a high-efficiency spraying state, no atomization occurs within the pressure range of 0.14~0.38MPa.

3. The radius of the stainless steel radius adjustment screw can be reduced to 4m (spray head with a spray radius of 4~5.5m) and 5.2m (spray head with a spray radius of 5.2~7.3m), which is very suitable for the requirements of garden landscape changes.

4. The low spraying intensity is 15.2mm/h, and the rotating nozzles and industrial nozzles reduce ground runoff and soil erosion.

5. Within the spray radius, the rotating nozzle can be evenly covered by the rotating jet through the porous port.

6. The matching irrigation intensity, the description mode is simple.

7. In the 4~10.7m radius of the irrigation system, the matching irrigation intensity is the same as 5000/5000+ MPR sprinklers and industrial sprinklers.

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