February 21, 2022

Features of Two-Fluid Atomizing Nozzle

Because the development history of nozzles is relatively short, there are no national standard parameters and names for nozzles now. Air atomizing nozzles are also called dual-fluid atomizing nozzles. Usually, two parts of air and liquid work together, and then according to the internal structure design of the nozzle, the liquid is It is evenly mixed with the gas to produce a spray of fine particles. Usually, finer droplets (about 30 microns) can be obtained by adding gas pressure or reducing liquid pressure.

Features of dual-fluid atomizing nozzles:

1. The atomized particles of the two-fluid atomizing nozzle are very fine, uniform and easy to evaporate.
2. The two-fluid atomizing nozzle has a large coverage area of ​​atomized water mist, and the atomization diameter of the gas-liquid atomizing spray gun can reach 3um-4um, which can be mixed with the flue gas more abundantly, which is conducive to the cooling of the flue gas and the adjustment of the volume. Within the changing range, the atomized particles remain basically unchanged.
3. The dual-fluid atomizing nozzle is very energy-saving, and it can realize fine atomization under the condition of lower air pressure. In addition to the use of gas and water at low pressure and low energy consumption, the gas-liquid atomizing spray gun can adjust the flue gas temperature to the set value under the condition of ensuring no humidity and low humidity, so that the amount of flue gas entering the dust collector is relatively reduced , the power consumption of the fan decreases accordingly. At the same time compressed air consumption is low. The lowest air consumption in its class of gas-liquid atomizing spray guns.
4. The two-fluid atomizing nozzle has strong dust capture ability, high desulfurization efficiency, fine atomized particles, and fast separation from the nozzle. It can still reach 25-30m/s when the nozzle is separated by 1.2M. Such a high-speed water mist The particles undergo useful elastic collisions to agglomerate a suitable fraction of the dust particles.
5. The pore size of the gas-liquid atomizing spray gun is larger than that of the ordinary nozzle, and has excellent anti-blocking function. In order to ensure that the atomized particles are as fine as possible, the ordinary high-pressure water nozzle usually has a pore size not exceeding 2mm, which is easy to cause scaling, due to A blockage caused by factors such as a poor water filter. And our gas-liquid atomizing spray gun has 3-8 spray holes with a hole diameter of 6.3mm. Its unique super-large nozzle design has greater adaptability to impurity particles in water. Regarding the use of river water, industrial circulating water users can reduce the cost of water pretreatment.
6. Because of the special design of the atomization tower and spray system, the velocity difference and pressure difference formed with the surrounding flue gas are used in the reactor to realize the useful mixing of flue gas with fine water droplets, water vapor and reflector, which is a good solution for desulfurization. , The ideal choice for out-of-stock phosphorus removal.

Application of dual-fluid atomizing nozzles: Dual-fluid nozzles are mostly used in humidification, dust reduction, disinfection, and mold smoothing.

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