February 16, 2022

Fields of application of fan nozzles for cleaning

There are various types of nozzles. The fan nozzle for cleaning is one of the most used nozzles. For this reason, it has developed from a single standard fan nozzle to the dovetail groove combined fan nozzle FSUN, unit combined fan nozzle TP, Deflection fan-shaped nozzle K, narrow-angle high-impact tongue-type P series nozzles, these nozzles have greatly improved spray performance under the condition that the spray shape remains unchanged, and can solve problems more accurately in different working conditions.

The spray angle of the fan-shaped nozzle for washing is available at any angle from 0 degrees to 120 degrees. The smaller the angle, the greater the impact force and the stronger the cleaning force. The larger the angle, the wider the coverage area and the weaker the impact force. . Different types of fan nozzles use different flow rates under different pressures. Customers who require cleaning strength as the main purpose can use fan nozzles with a moderate angle of about 50-60 degrees, and customers who use humidification as the main purpose can choose nozzles with 90-110 degrees. The larger the angle, the better the atomization effect.

In which fields are such a wide variety of cleaning fan nozzles used, we list them as follows:
1. Standard fan nozzles are mainly used for cooling and quenching; scrubbers; product washing; liquid cleaners; water cooling; dust control; air and gas purifiers; fire protection.
2. Narrow-angle high-impact fan-shaped nozzle: washing gravel; high-impact washing; cleaning oil stains; fruit and vegetable washing; paper-making and paper-stabilizing frame washing.
3. Dovetail slot fan nozzle: cleaning of blanket mesh; cooling header in iron and steel industry, continuous casting cooling header in iron and steel industry.
4. Deflection fan nozzle K series: cooling conveyor belt; cleaning and rinsing; water curtain; fire protection.

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