Flue Gas Desulfurization

Flue Gas Desulfurization Application

Spray Nozzles for flue gas desulfurization applications. Spiral nozzles are ideal for washing, quenching, scrubbing, fire protection, evaporative cooling and spraying liquids with particulates.

CYCO spraying can offer developed gas scrubbing nozzles made of ceramic materials, from SIC, SISIC or ReSIC for these applications. Flue-gas desulfurization in power plants or requires nozzles that guarantee precise long-term operation and are also to withstand extremely aggressive ambient conditions. 

If you are looking for gas cooling or want the liquid to react with a process for smaller droplet size, the spiral full cone nozzle gives you outstanding results.If wind resistance and heat removal are a concern, the larger droplets produced by the spiral will give you outstanding results.

CYCO Flue Gas Desulfurization Nozzles

Overview of Flue Gas Desulfurization Technology

At present, many coal-fired boilers have been researched and developed to control SO2 technology, and they have been applied to actual power plants, ships, and steel industry boilers. These technologies can be divided into three categories: pre-combustion desulfurization, in-combustion desulfurization and post-combustion desulfurization.

According to the desulfurization method and the treatment form of the product, post-combustion desulfurization can be generally divided into three categories: wet method, semi-dry method and dry method.

The flue gas desulfurization of coal-fired units is mainly based on wet flue gas desulfurization technology.

CYCO Nozzle Test Bench

nozzle test
nozzle test
Spiral Nozzle Test
Spiral Nozzle Test
nozzle test
nozzle test

Dongguan Changyuan Spray Technology Co., Ltd. (CYCO) was established in 1997 and is currently the leading manufacturer of industrial nozzles. High quality casting is highly trusted, CYCO has established good cooperative relations with more than 200 global customers, and passed the IATF16949 certification of Global Sai in 2018.
CYCO has specially designed three nozzles for desulfurization of marine exhaust gas, namely: spiral nozzle, short body full cone nozzle, and large flow full cone nozzle. The raw materials are plastic, stainless steel and silicon carbide. Professional achievements in the future, let the professional quality of CYCO to protect the blue sky, let’s work together.

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